Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) in Illinois

CRP rental payments by fiscal year in Illinois

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2021

Conservation practices installed on CRP acres, cumulative, as of January 2020, Illinois

1Grass plantings - introduced181,15421.5%
2Pollinator habitat105,58612.5%
3Filter strips97,63111.6%
4Riparian buffers93,98911.2%
5Wildlife habitat78,6589.3%
6Upland bird habitat buffers57,7806.9%
7Grass plantings - native42,7445.1%
8Wetland restoration - floodplain34,7034.1%
9Tree plantings - hardwoods31,3343.7%
10Grass waterways30,1023.6%
11State acres for wildlife enhancement26,6643.2%
12Existing grass24,5282.9%
13Wetland restoration - non-floodplain11,9351.4%
14Bottomland hardwood trees5,7270.7%
15Shallow water for wildlife4,0090.5%
16Wildlife food plots3,6150.4%
17Existing trees3,5290.4%
18Field windbreaks1,7650.2%
19Tree plantings - softwoods1,3630.2%
20Farmable wetland program - buffer1,1310.1%
21Contour grass strips7610.1%
22Wetland restoration701< 0.1%
23Farmable wetland program - wetland662< 0.1%
24Rare and declining habitat518< 0.1%
25CRP grasslands - introduced grasses450< 0.1%
26Marginal pasture buffers - wildlife168< 0.1%
27Shelterbelts90< 0.1%
28Living snow fences38< 0.1%
29Farmable wetland program - constructed wetlands32< 0.1%
30Wildlife corridors22< 0.1%
31Marginal pasture buffers - wetland20< 0.1%
32Diversions and erosion control structures7< 0.1%
33CRP grasslands - native grasses3< 0.1%
34Salinity reducing Vegetation1< 0.1%
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 Total Acres841,391 

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2021

RankStateCRP Rental Payments, 2017-2020
1Iroquois County, Illinois$19,533,770
2Mason County, Illinois$17,510,848
3Pike County, Illinois$15,432,741
4Montgomery County, Illinois$14,771,711
5Whiteside County, Illinois$14,747,630
6Wayne County, Illinois$13,101,716
7Henry County, Illinois$13,057,004
8Vermilion County, Illinois$12,680,428
9Livingston County, Illinois$12,634,097
10McLean County, Illinois$12,217,876
11Mercer County, Illinois$11,875,551
12Cumberland County, Illinois$11,630,354
13Bureau County, Illinois$11,381,285
14Greene County, Illinois$11,294,656
15Hancock County, Illinois$11,219,903
16Cass County, Illinois$10,928,697
17Logan County, Illinois$10,894,966
18Brown County, Illinois$10,504,740
19Stephenson County, Illinois$10,079,531
20La Salle County, Illinois$10,061,221
21Macoupin County, Illinois$9,917,230
22Effingham County, Illinois$9,845,414
23Marion County, Illinois$9,837,957
24Clay County, Illinois$9,815,208
25Champaign County, Illinois$9,602,214
26Jo Daviess County, Illinois$9,532,471
27Adams County, Illinois$9,518,581
28Tazewell County, Illinois$9,325,889
29Shelby County, Illinois$9,320,897
30Carroll County, Illinois$9,244,037
31Christian County, Illinois$9,001,835
32Knox County, Illinois$8,529,537
33Fulton County, Illinois$8,490,440
34Crawford County, Illinois$8,425,706
35Hamilton County, Illinois$8,353,350
36Jasper County, Illinois$8,299,883
37Sangamon County, Illinois$8,204,392
38Ford County, Illinois$7,788,771
39Fayette County, Illinois$7,784,124
40Morgan County, Illinois$7,442,611
41Union County, Illinois$7,394,351
42Henderson County, Illinois$7,082,078
43Coles County, Illinois$6,301,068
44Woodford County, Illinois$6,287,610
45Calhoun County, Illinois$6,282,813
46Clark County, Illinois$6,275,337
47Jefferson County, Illinois$6,095,553
48Rock Island County, Illinois$6,068,526
49Winnebago County, Illinois$5,970,600
50DeKalb County, Illinois$5,709,678
51Menard County, Illinois$5,695,475
52Bond County, Illinois$5,684,916
53Ogle County, Illinois$5,447,369
54White County, Illinois$5,196,458
55Schuyler County, Illinois$5,060,836
56Jersey County, Illinois$4,880,904
57Johnson County, Illinois$4,853,988
58Edgar County, Illinois$4,831,569
59Lee County, Illinois$4,814,436
60Scott County, Illinois$4,799,304
61Richland County, Illinois$4,542,713
62De Witt County, Illinois$4,474,262
63Peoria County, Illinois$4,398,875
64Stark County, Illinois$3,988,379
65Douglas County, Illinois$3,961,146
66Macon County, Illinois$3,736,590
67McDonough County, Illinois$3,631,655
68Jackson County, Illinois$3,510,325
69Pope County, Illinois$3,457,072
70Piatt County, Illinois$3,411,878
71Franklin County, Illinois$3,316,303
72Massac County, Illinois$3,284,231
73Warren County, Illinois$3,252,717
74Randolph County, Illinois$3,188,989
75Marshall County, Illinois$3,111,872
76Clinton County, Illinois$3,018,492
77Kankakee County, Illinois$2,974,642
78Grundy County, Illinois$2,970,520
79Lawrence County, Illinois$2,824,038
80Saline County, Illinois$2,602,300
81Pulaski County, Illinois$2,561,819
82Moultrie County, Illinois$2,470,310
83Edwards County, Illinois$2,347,495
84Williamson County, Illinois$1,888,257
85Putnam County, Illinois$1,841,965
86Perry County, Illinois$1,774,980
87Monroe County, Illinois$1,767,864
88Madison County, Illinois$1,687,798
89Washington County, Illinois$1,600,779
90Wabash County, Illinois$1,445,691
91Gallatin County, Illinois$1,330,126
92Hardin County, Illinois$1,303,469
93Alexander County, Illinois$1,063,239
94Saint Clair County, Illinois$930,087
95McHenry County, Illinois$757,259
96Boone County, Illinois$619,303
97Will County, Illinois$369,653
98Kendall County, Illinois$329,616
99Kane County, Illinois$172,498
100Lake County, Illinois$16,237
101Cook County, Illinois$0
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Illinois, 2017

Land in Illinois, 2017

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:72,651
Total Acres in Farms:27,006,288
Cropland Acres:24,003,086
Permanent pasture and rangeland:824,196
Woodland Acres:1,469,302

Livestock in Illinois, 2017

LivestockNumber of Animals
Layers inventory 5,470,158
Hogs and pigs inventory5,258,119
Cattle and calves inventory1,130,993
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold847,871
Sheep and lambs inventory57,956

Crops in Illinois, 2017


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