Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) in Iowa

CRP rental payments by fiscal year in Iowa

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2022

Conservation practices installed on CRP acres, cumulative, as of January 2020, Iowa

1State acres for wildlife enhancement285,92116.8%
2Grass plantings - introduced228,00313.4%
3Pollinator habitat218,48412.8%
4Filter strips179,54610.5%
5Rare and declining habitat139,4088.2%
6Grass plantings - native124,6327.3%
7Wetland restoration - floodplain118,8727.0%
8Wildlife habitat92,5165.4%
9Farmable wetland program - buffer65,9463.9%
10Existing grass47,9052.8%
11Riparian buffers39,5922.3%
12Grass waterways34,3402.0%
13Farmable wetland program - wetland27,3151.6%
14Upland bird habitat buffers23,5901.4%
15Tree plantings - hardwoods15,9930.9%
16Wetland restoration - non-floodplain10,8860.6%
17Shallow water for wildlife9,9690.6%
18Contour grass strips9,4880.6%
19Field windbreaks5,2900.3%
20Marginal pasture buffers - wildlife4,3640.3%
21Wildlife food plots3,7350.2%
22Bottomland hardwood trees3,4660.2%
23Duck nesting habitat2,4420.1%
24Wetland restoration2,2640.1%
25CRP grasslands - introduced grasses2,2570.1%
27Existing trees1,239< 0.1%
28Marginal pasture buffers - wetland1,146< 0.1%
29CRP grasslands - native grasses794< 0.1%
30Tree plantings - softwoods555< 0.1%
31Living snow fences537< 0.1%
32Farmable wetland program - constructed wetlands292< 0.1%
33Wildlife corridors235< 0.1%
34Farmable wetland program - flooded prairie wetlands126< 0.1%
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 Total Acres1,702,794 

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2022

RankStateCRP Rental Payments, 2017-2022
1Ringgold County, Iowa$52,894,724
2Woodbury County, Iowa$51,916,267
3Taylor County, Iowa$48,830,234
4Clayton County, Iowa$47,807,340
5Kossuth County, Iowa$47,019,824
6Washington County, Iowa$42,099,279
7Keokuk County, Iowa$41,887,705
8Fayette County, Iowa$39,850,660
9Audubon County, Iowa$39,405,089
10Palo Alto County, Iowa$38,873,090
11Guthrie County, Iowa$38,862,481
12Butler County, Iowa$37,185,878
13Monona County, Iowa$35,807,442
14Clay County, Iowa$34,589,959
15Howard County, Iowa$34,208,945
16Clarke County, Iowa$33,816,703
17Wayne County, Iowa$32,819,295
18Crawford County, Iowa$31,821,991
19Decatur County, Iowa$31,805,174
20Winneshiek County, Iowa$31,527,106
21Monroe County, Iowa$30,766,327
22Jefferson County, Iowa$30,334,316
23Henry County, Iowa$29,211,808
24Union County, Iowa$29,178,122
25Webster County, Iowa$28,555,869
26Harrison County, Iowa$27,979,396
27Mahaska County, Iowa$27,923,747
28Iowa County, Iowa$27,642,181
29Adams County, Iowa$27,050,143
30Marion County, Iowa$26,894,869
31Floyd County, Iowa$26,710,483
32Warren County, Iowa$26,621,542
33Adair County, Iowa$26,364,637
34Allamakee County, Iowa$26,324,048
35Calhoun County, Iowa$26,242,510
36Delaware County, Iowa$24,436,246
37Madison County, Iowa$23,131,129
38Van Buren County, Iowa$22,283,886
39Tama County, Iowa$22,084,310
40Bremer County, Iowa$21,927,124
41Black Hawk County, Iowa$21,544,330
42Benton County, Iowa$21,441,094
43Shelby County, Iowa$21,101,656
44Chickasaw County, Iowa$20,967,537
45Hamilton County, Iowa$20,878,097
46Winnebago County, Iowa$20,540,304
47Cass County, Iowa$20,318,217
48Appanoose County, Iowa$20,035,878
49Franklin County, Iowa$20,029,692
50Wright County, Iowa$19,824,888
51Jackson County, Iowa$19,748,319
52Hancock County, Iowa$19,112,271
53Wapello County, Iowa$19,102,253
54Carroll County, Iowa$18,849,833
55Boone County, Iowa$18,730,793
56Cherokee County, Iowa$18,557,571
57Poweshiek County, Iowa$18,345,031
58Cerro Gordo County, Iowa$17,913,896
59Jones County, Iowa$17,542,720
60Lucas County, Iowa$17,155,949
61Greene County, Iowa$17,036,926
62Page County, Iowa$16,995,930
63Sac County, Iowa$16,698,573
64Montgomery County, Iowa$16,450,950
65Davis County, Iowa$16,412,318
66Buchanan County, Iowa$16,063,781
67Lee County, Iowa$15,744,317
68Marshall County, Iowa$15,593,788
69Louisa County, Iowa$15,444,229
70Humboldt County, Iowa$15,378,034
71Worth County, Iowa$15,033,252
72Muscatine County, Iowa$14,991,343
73Hardin County, Iowa$14,986,840
74Sioux County, Iowa$14,827,126
75Jasper County, Iowa$14,657,171
76Pocahontas County, Iowa$14,623,442
77Story County, Iowa$14,417,302
78Ida County, Iowa$13,962,229
79Dallas County, Iowa$13,812,621
80Johnson County, Iowa$13,759,172
81Buena Vista County, Iowa$13,667,050
82East Pottawattamie County, Iowa$13,638,225
83Clinton County, Iowa$13,209,759
84Dubuque County, Iowa$13,182,559
85Linn County, Iowa$13,137,068
86Plymouth County, Iowa$12,780,447
87Cedar County, Iowa$12,376,348
88Osceola County, Iowa$11,530,296
89Mitchell County, Iowa$10,964,079
90Dickinson County, Iowa$10,802,190
91Grundy County, Iowa$10,680,353
92Fremont County, Iowa$10,447,316
93O'Brien County, Iowa$10,170,205
94Emmet County, Iowa$10,146,809
95Des Moines County, Iowa$9,281,809
96Mills County, Iowa$8,436,177
97Scott County, Iowa$6,553,830
98Polk County, Iowa$5,759,565
99Lyon County, Iowa$3,600,732
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Iowa, 2022

Land in Iowa, 2022

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:86,911
Total Acres in Farms:29,978,165
Cropland Acres:25,881,597
Permanent pasture and rangeland:1,687,658
Woodland Acres:1,224,543

Livestock in Iowa, 2022

LivestockNumber of Animals
Layers inventory 43,137,355
Hogs and pigs inventory23,808,603
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold16,718,903
Cattle and calves inventory3,517,805
Sheep and lambs inventory156,013

Crops in Iowa, 2022


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