Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) in Missouri

CRP rental payments by fiscal year in Missouri

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2021

Conservation practices installed on CRP acres, cumulative, as of January 2020, Missouri

1Grass plantings - introduced426,41751.5%
2Grass plantings - native123,73215.0%
3State acres for wildlife enhancement56,3106.8%
4Pollinator habitat44,4455.4%
5Existing grass41,8175.1%
6Upland bird habitat buffers23,8762.9%
7Rare and declining habitat21,8862.6%
8Filter strips20,6262.5%
9Wetland restoration - floodplain18,8842.3%
10Riparian buffers18,7392.3%
11Tree plantings - hardwoods12,7861.5%
12Wildlife food plots2,7260.3%
13Wildlife habitat2,0110.2%
14Bottomland hardwood trees1,9220.2%
15Grass waterways1,7040.2%
16Shallow water for wildlife1,6260.2%
17Wetland restoration - non-floodplain1,5450.2%
18Marginal pasture buffers - wetland1,4480.2%
19CRP grasslands - introduced grasses1,1710.1%
20Existing trees1,0400.1%
21Marginal pasture buffers - wildlife7940.1%
22CRP grasslands - native grasses7820.1%
23Contour grass strips534< 0.1%
24Tree plantings - softwoods351< 0.1%
25Farmable wetland program - aquaculture wetlands222< 0.1%
26Wetland restoration83< 0.1%
27Shelterbelts49< 0.1%
28Field windbreaks25< 0.1%
29Diversions and erosion control structures2< 0.1%
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 Total Acres827,561 

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2021

RankStateCRP Rental Payments, 2017-2020
1Harrison County, Missouri$34,217,185
2Carroll County, Missouri$26,797,651
3Daviess County, Missouri$19,735,794
4Gentry County, Missouri$18,488,291
5Nodaway County, Missouri$15,772,496
6Linn County, Missouri$15,569,372
7Grundy County, Missouri$14,036,213
8Sullivan County, Missouri$13,430,493
9Macon County, Missouri$12,595,644
10Worth County, Missouri$12,241,996
11Livingston County, Missouri$12,236,972
12Caldwell County, Missouri$11,684,627
13Monroe County, Missouri$10,361,852
14Knox County, Missouri$10,110,649
15Scotland County, Missouri$9,940,508
16Mercer County, Missouri$9,684,829
17DeKalb County, Missouri$9,547,381
18Chariton County, Missouri$8,779,636
19Randolph County, Missouri$7,621,300
20Putnam County, Missouri$7,215,627
21Ray County, Missouri$7,094,146
22Clark County, Missouri$6,792,952
23Shelby County, Missouri$6,634,585
24Adair County, Missouri$6,028,723
25Ralls County, Missouri$5,925,096
26Lewis County, Missouri$5,293,751
27Schuyler County, Missouri$4,665,502
28Scott County, Missouri$4,577,196
29Marion County, Missouri$4,381,755
30Stoddard County, Missouri$4,254,448
31Andrew County, Missouri$4,182,263
32Howard County, Missouri$4,014,989
33Saline County, Missouri$3,698,502
34Callaway County, Missouri$3,401,677
35Vernon County, Missouri$3,399,741
36Atchison County, Missouri$3,222,171
37Holt County, Missouri$3,146,583
38Cooper County, Missouri$3,052,540
39Pike County, Missouri$3,031,279
40Clinton County, Missouri$2,679,325
41Cass County, Missouri$2,650,428
42Audrain County, Missouri$2,648,260
43Pettis County, Missouri$2,635,296
44Cape Girardeau County, Missouri$2,624,790
45Barton County, Missouri$2,469,747
46Buchanan County, Missouri$2,118,030
47Bates County, Missouri$2,008,113
48Lincoln County, Missouri$1,768,377
49Johnson County, Missouri$1,665,096
50Henry County, Missouri$1,598,075
51Lafayette County, Missouri$1,419,101
52Perry County, Missouri$1,418,800
53Moniteau County, Missouri$1,335,457
54Boone County, Missouri$1,213,378
55Mississippi County, Missouri$1,201,671
56New Madrid County, Missouri$1,200,276
57Montgomery County, Missouri$1,157,473
58Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri$868,656
59Saint Clair County, Missouri$768,224
60Jasper County, Missouri$757,631
61Franklin County, Missouri$609,569
62Platte County, Missouri$582,112
63Clay County, Missouri$537,680
64Bollinger County, Missouri$507,182
65Dade County, Missouri$436,880
66Pemiscot County, Missouri$372,819
67Lawrence County, Missouri$369,634
68Dunklin County, Missouri$347,284
69Gasconade County, Missouri$340,384
70Cole County, Missouri$340,005
71Warren County, Missouri$339,257
72Osage County, Missouri$324,655
73Butler County, Missouri$323,891
74Ripley County, Missouri$314,749
75Saint Charles County, Missouri$226,619
76Cedar County, Missouri$224,379
77Morgan County, Missouri$213,825
78Benton County, Missouri$194,570
79Maries County, Missouri$146,656
80Polk County, Missouri$136,023
81Saint Francois County, Missouri$135,231
82Wayne County, Missouri$127,712
83Douglas County, Missouri$110,095
84Hickory County, Missouri$83,412
85Crawford County, Missouri$82,396
86Newton County, Missouri$77,182
87Texas County, Missouri$67,931
88Jackson County, Missouri$43,496
89Phelps County, Missouri$38,276
90Jefferson County, Missouri$35,199
91Howell County, Missouri$30,818
92Taney County, Missouri$29,160
93Reynolds County, Missouri$24,986
94Dallas County, Missouri$20,996
95Stone County, Missouri$20,840
96Oregon County, Missouri$18,806
97Dent County, Missouri$17,260
98McDonald County, Missouri$12,662
99Carter County, Missouri$12,184
100Laclede County, Missouri$12,168
101Barry County, Missouri$11,340
102Madison County, Missouri$10,929
103Miller County, Missouri$10,886
104Pulaski County, Missouri$6,524
105Shannon County, Missouri$6,229
106Greene County, Missouri$4,879
107Camden County, Missouri$4,764
108Wright County, Missouri$3,785
109Christian County, Missouri$3,631
110Webster County, Missouri$3,385
111Iron County, Missouri$2,761
112Ozark County, Missouri$1,729
113Saint Louis County, Missouri$574
114Washington County, Missouri$538
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Missouri, 2017

Land in Missouri, 2017

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:95,320
Total Acres in Farms:27,781,883
Cropland Acres:15,599,446
Permanent pasture and rangeland:6,882,610
Woodland Acres:4,064,345

Livestock in Missouri, 2017

LivestockNumber of Animals
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold286,139,429
Layers inventory 11,306,386
Cattle and calves inventory4,060,220
Hogs and pigs inventory3,150,133
Sheep and lambs inventory111,621

Crops in Missouri, 2017


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