Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) in Ohio

CRP rental payments by fiscal year in Ohio

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2022

Conservation practices installed on CRP acres, cumulative, as of January 2020, Ohio

1Filter strips66,87628.1%
2Grass plantings - native44,36518.7%
3State acres for wildlife enhancement37,01215.6%
4Grass waterways11,3754.8%
5Grass plantings - introduced11,0444.6%
6Upland bird habitat buffers9,9914.2%
7Wildlife habitat8,1103.4%
8Wetland restoration - non-floodplain7,2333.0%
9Riparian buffers6,5902.8%
10Wetland restoration - floodplain4,9342.1%
11Tree plantings - hardwoods4,8352.0%
12Rare and declining habitat4,1051.7%
13CRP grasslands - introduced grasses4,0091.7%
14Existing grass3,5681.5%
15Pollinator habitat3,3061.4%
16Field windbreaks3,1121.3%
17Marginal pasture buffers - wildlife2,9171.2%
18Tree plantings - softwoods1,5140.6%
19Wetland restoration8080.3%
20Existing trees7850.3%
21Shallow water for wildlife4540.2%
22Wildlife food plots3040.1%
23Farmable wetland program - buffer194< 0.1%
24Marginal pasture buffers - wetland106< 0.1%
25Farmable wetland program - wetland78< 0.1%
26Farmable wetland program - constructed wetlands70< 0.1%
27CRP grasslands - native grasses61< 0.1%
28Shelterbelts58< 0.1%
29Bottomland hardwood trees46< 0.1%
30Wildlife corridors40< 0.1%
31Contour grass strips13< 0.1%
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 Total Acres237,879 

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2022

RankStateCRP Rental Payments, 2017-2022
1Ross County, Ohio$30,352,198
2Pickaway County, Ohio$14,947,762
3Marion County, Ohio$13,579,454
4Highland County, Ohio$10,607,188
5Defiance County, Ohio$10,539,612
6Wyandot County, Ohio$9,892,312
7Fayette County, Ohio$9,231,956
8Union County, Ohio$8,985,734
9Wood County, Ohio$8,627,944
10Madison County, Ohio$7,873,768
11Williams County, Ohio$7,582,302
12Hardin County, Ohio$7,429,983
13Auglaize County, Ohio$6,347,460
14Seneca County, Ohio$6,213,034
15Mercer County, Ohio$6,128,886
16Allen County, Ohio$5,321,626
17Paulding County, Ohio$5,301,385
18Fulton County, Ohio$4,740,676
19Putnam County, Ohio$4,478,821
20Darke County, Ohio$4,280,148
21Ottawa County, Ohio$4,247,926
22Henry County, Ohio$4,105,037
23Shelby County, Ohio$4,100,806
24Crawford County, Ohio$4,092,563
25Hancock County, Ohio$4,092,160
26Logan County, Ohio$3,620,691
27Sandusky County, Ohio$3,593,960
28Champaign County, Ohio$3,497,840
29Pike County, Ohio$3,101,351
30Fairfield County, Ohio$2,858,126
31Preble County, Ohio$2,598,470
32Van Wert County, Ohio$2,546,473
33Scioto County, Ohio$2,498,799
34Huron County, Ohio$2,218,239
35Morrow County, Ohio$1,765,403
36Miami County, Ohio$1,535,901
37Richland County, Ohio$1,533,815
38Coshocton County, Ohio$1,457,971
39Adams County, Ohio$1,450,124
40Knox County, Ohio$1,257,434
41Clark County, Ohio$1,123,662
42Greene County, Ohio$1,066,658
43Clinton County, Ohio$1,029,501
44Delaware County, Ohio$1,014,761
45Lucas County, Ohio$966,612
46Ashland County, Ohio$809,470
47Erie County, Ohio$799,798
48Brown County, Ohio$784,781
49Montgomery County, Ohio$660,746
50Lorain County, Ohio$636,329
51Jackson County, Ohio$516,199
52Vinton County, Ohio$461,224
53Athens County, Ohio$441,014
54Holmes County, Ohio$418,986
55Perry County, Ohio$396,899
56Licking County, Ohio$393,743
57Butler County, Ohio$364,214
58Hocking County, Ohio$357,251
59Franklin County, Ohio$291,201
60Lawrence County, Ohio$264,969
61Gallia County, Ohio$233,481
62Wayne County, Ohio$210,095
63Washington County, Ohio$177,164
64Tuscarawas County, Ohio$162,117
65Muskingum County, Ohio$161,693
66Warren County, Ohio$161,283
67Medina County, Ohio$114,824
68Meigs County, Ohio$99,448
69Carroll County, Ohio$85,847
70Clermont County, Ohio$84,707
71Morgan County, Ohio$80,423
72Jefferson County, Ohio$73,969
73Harrison County, Ohio$71,834
74Ashtabula County, Ohio$70,625
75Stark County, Ohio$61,369
76Columbiana County, Ohio$57,804
77Trumbull County, Ohio$42,973
78Hamilton County, Ohio$37,522
79Portage County, Ohio$35,769
80Guernsey County, Ohio$18,378
81Mahoning County, Ohio$17,946
82Geauga County, Ohio$4,415
83Summit County, Ohio$3,833
84Lake County, Ohio$0
85Cuyahoga County, Ohio$0
86Belmont County, Ohio$0
87Monroe County, Ohio$0
88Noble County, Ohio$0
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Ohio, 2022

Land in Ohio, 2022

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:76,009
Total Acres in Farms:13,652,346
Cropland Acres:10,521,756
Permanent pasture and rangeland:913,858
Woodland Acres:1,553,468

Livestock in Ohio, 2022

LivestockNumber of Animals
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold123,982,907
Layers inventory 38,570,322
Hogs and pigs inventory2,752,063
Cattle and calves inventory1,212,468
Sheep and lambs inventory145,381

Crops in Ohio, 2022


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