Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) in Virginia

CRP rental payments by fiscal year in Virginia

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2021

Conservation practices installed on CRP acres, cumulative, as of January 2020, Virginia

1Riparian buffers17,21851.3%
2Tree plantings - softwoods5,47416.3%
3Filter strips2,2116.6%
4Grass plantings - introduced1,8195.4%
5Existing trees1,4494.3%
6CRP grasslands - introduced grasses9872.9%
7Upland bird habitat buffers7412.2%
8Marginal pasture buffers - wildlife7222.2%
9Grass plantings - native7062.1%
10Existing grass5211.6%
11State acres for wildlife enhancement5111.5%
12Longleaf pine3791.1%
13Wildlife habitat2200.7%
14Pollinator habitat1950.6%
15Wetland restoration - floodplain1400.4%
16CRP grasslands - native grasses790.2%
17Grass waterways760.2%
18Shallow water for wildlife520.2%
19Tree plantings - hardwoods350.1%
20Wildlife food plots16< 0.1%
21Contour grass strips2< 0.1%
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 Total Acres33,545 

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2021

RankStateCRP Rental Payments, 2017-2020
1Augusta County, Virginia$766,616
2Halifax County, Virginia$700,839
3Southampton County, Virginia$666,702
4Greensville County, Virginia$556,485
5Rockingham County, Virginia$409,373
6Amelia County, Virginia$378,312
7Prince Edward County, Virginia$359,291
8Bedford County, Virginia$315,921
9Brunswick County, Virginia$305,586
10Dinwiddie County, Virginia$288,256
11Culpeper County, Virginia$250,594
12Pittsylvania County, Virginia$239,785
13Accomack County, Virginia$221,988
14Russell County, Virginia$213,500
15Fauquier County, Virginia$212,244
16King George County, Virginia$192,669
17Albemarle County, Virginia$177,316
18Highland County, Virginia$167,199
19Louisa County, Virginia$164,541
20Sussex County, Virginia$160,390
21Campbell County, Virginia$156,127
22Essex County, Virginia$149,766
23Washington County, Virginia$149,126
24Rappahannock County, Virginia$146,044
25Rockbridge County, Virginia$143,569
26Prince George County, Virginia$141,082
27Madison County, Virginia$133,180
28Shenandoah County, Virginia$119,022
29Carroll County, Virginia$118,544
30King and Queen County, Virginia$113,415
31Orange County, Virginia$113,026
32Mecklenburg County, Virginia$112,296
33Wythe County, Virginia$103,477
34Westmoreland County, Virginia$96,971
35Nottoway County, Virginia$95,225
36Smyth County, Virginia$94,245
37Bath County, Virginia$93,936
38Page County, Virginia$93,822
39Grayson County, Virginia$92,295
40Isle of Wight County, Virginia$88,993
41Cumberland County, Virginia$87,829
42Greene County, Virginia$87,601
43Tazewell County, Virginia$84,384
44Lunenburg County, Virginia$74,205
45Botetourt County, Virginia$73,914
46Goochland County, Virginia$70,902
47Buckingham County, Virginia$69,753
48Appomattox County, Virginia$61,523
49Nelson County, Virginia$59,342
50Spotsylvania County, Virginia$55,582
51Caroline County, Virginia$52,680
52Charlotte County, Virginia$46,534
53Richmond County, Virginia$45,440
54Patrick County, Virginia$42,837
55Amherst County, Virginia$41,792
56Fluvanna County, Virginia$39,403
57Frederick County, Virginia$39,211
58Northampton County, Virginia$38,121
59Hanover County, Virginia$37,930
60Lancaster County, Virginia$36,165
61Clarke County, Virginia$35,434
62Franklin County, Virginia$32,103
63King William County, Virginia$31,812
64Craig County, Virginia$28,751
65Scott County, Virginia$28,563
66Middlesex County, Virginia$23,351
67Northumberland County, Virginia$21,544
68Stafford County, Virginia$21,149
69Chesapeake City, Virginia$21,062
70Suffolk City, Virginia$20,774
71Bland County, Virginia$20,160
72Alleghany County, Virginia$17,109
73Lee County, Virginia$17,087
74Prince William County, Virginia$14,529
75Surry County, Virginia$14,378
76Loudoun County, Virginia$12,577
77New Kent County, Virginia$12,024
78Montgomery County, Virginia$10,798
79Charles City County, Virginia$10,503
80Warren County, Virginia$7,558
81Floyd County, Virginia$6,665
82Henry County, Virginia$6,002
83James City County, Virginia$5,965
84Pulaski County, Virginia$4,510
85Gloucester County, Virginia$3,872
86Chesterfield County, Virginia$3,033
87Mathews County, Virginia$2,963
88Roanoke County, Virginia$1,904
89Giles County, Virginia$938
90Virginia Beach City, Virginia$681
91Dickenson County, Virginia$417
92Wise County, Virginia$0
93Henrico County, Virginia$0
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Virginia, 2017

Land in Virginia, 2017

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:43,225
Total Acres in Farms:7,797,979
Cropland Acres:3,084,067
Permanent pasture and rangeland:2,063,507
Woodland Acres:2,212,540

Livestock in Virginia, 2017

LivestockNumber of Animals
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold261,649,137
Layers inventory 2,447,718
Cattle and calves inventory1,482,888
Hogs and pigs inventory249,231
Sheep and lambs inventory82,661

Crops in Virginia, 2017


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