Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Acreage in Indiana, 2014

CRP PracticeAcres, 2014
Filter strips53,001
Establishment of permanent introduced grasses and legumes24,986
Vegetative cover, such as grass, that was already established21,145
State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement - Grass--*20,652
Establishment of permanent native grasses19,967
Grass waterways, non-easement19,084
Hardwood tree planting18,521
Habitat for upland birds13,954
Permanent wildlife habitat, non-easement8,508
Vegetative cover, such as trees, that were already established5,693
Riparian buffer5,671
Bottomland timber established on wetland5,548
Wetland Restoration4,631
Wetland restoration, non-flood plain3,480
State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement - Trees3,072
Rare and Declining Habitat2,333
Field windbreak establishment, non-easement2,011
Pollinator Habitat1,318
Tree planting1,021
Shallow water areas for wildlife1,016
Wildlife food plot720
Farmable Wetland Pilot Buffer600
Expired hardwood tree planting526
Permanent wildlife habitat435
Farmable Wetland Pilot Wetland354
Grass waterways324
Permanent wildlife (corridors), non-easement243
State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement - Buffers237
State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement - Wetlands78
Marginal pastureland wildlife habitat buffer75
Marginal wetland buffer63
Vegetative filter strips47
Alternate perennial32
Establishment of permanent vegetative cover (contour grass strips), non-easement25
Field windbreak establishment25
Establishment of permanent vegetation to reduce salinity21
Emergency Forestry - Softwood - New19
Shelterbelt establishment, non-easement14
FWP Aquaculture Wetland Restoration14
State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement - Longleaf Pine3
Establishment of permanent salt tolerant vegetative cover2
Duck Nesting Habitat2
Living snow fence1
Marginal pastureland (Contour Grass Strips) on Terraces1
Erosion control structure1
Permanent wildlife habitat (corridors)1
Shelterbelt establishment0
Establishment of permanent vegetative cover (contour grass strips)0

For more detail on who receives CRP Payments, please visit EWG's Farm Subsidy Database.


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