EQIP in Texas


Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) in Texas

EQIP payments by fiscal year in Texas

EQIP payments by county, 2017-2020

Practices on EQIP acres, 2017-2020, Texas

1Brush Management$96,775,096
2Sprinkler System$41,159,145
4Irrigation System- Microirrigation$25,860,241
5Range Planting $21,759,590
6Forage and Biomass Planting $15,312,400
7Cover Crop $13,201,776
8Water Well$9,450,501
9Prescribed Grazing $9,104,466
10Irrigation Land Leveling$7,731,637
11Livestock Pipeline$6,829,333
12Pumping Plant$6,546,102
13High Tunnel System$5,137,191
14Irrigation Pipeline$5,030,601
15Tree & Shrub Establishment $4,529,319
16Herbaceous Weed Treatment$4,521,838
17Watering Facility$4,216,370
18Tree/Shrub Site Preparation$4,194,240
20Structure for Water Control$3,129,012
22Precision Land Forming and Smoothing$2,377,477
23Conservation Cover $1,991,305
24Amendments for Treatment of Agricultural Waste$1,743,409
25Res. & Tillage Mgt- Mulch-till $1,355,659
26Irrigation Ditch Lining$1,326,796
27Prescribed Burning$1,208,019
28Waste Treatment$1,114,717
29Forest Stand Improvement$982,270
31Residue & Tillage Management-No Till/Strip Till (Ac.) $840,584
32Upland Wildlife Habitat Management $788,439
33Irrigation Water Management $754,114
34Waste Storage Facility$711,970
35Animal Mortality Facility$666,145
36Grassed Waterway $597,725
37Energy Efficient Agricultural Operation$435,423
38Land Smoothing$419,978
39Heavy Use Area Protection$396,087
40Roofs and Covers$377,314
41Grade Stabilization Structure$364,899
42Roof Runoff Structure$324,868
43Waste Transfer$323,058
44Nutrient Management $303,105
45Grazing Land Mechanical Treatment$292,277
46Energy Efficient Building Envelope$291,995
47Irrigation System- Surface and Subsurface$205,197
48Subsurface Drain$189,960
49Emergency Animal Mortality Management$169,810
51Critical Area Planting$136,566
52Seasonal High Tunnel for Crops$135,772
53Well Decommissioning$133,204
54Composting Facility$95,214
55Waste Facility Closure$79,640
56Energy Efficient Lighting System$77,206
57Agricultural Energy Management Plan - Written$76,239
58Pond Sealing or Lining- Compacted Clay Treatment$75,787
59Underground Outlet$60,637
60Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan$57,956
61Conservation Crop Rotation $50,360
62Irrigation Reservoir$44,456
63Solid/Liquid Waste Separation Facility $41,366
64Obstruction Removal$40,769
65Field Border $37,486
66Water Harvesting Catchment$33,510
67Equitable Relief Payment$29,429
68Access Road$24,564
69TA Design$24,280
70Forage Harvest Management$23,243
71Woody Residue Treatment$22,621
72Stream Crossing$20,301
73Livestock Shelter Structure$19,418
74Erroneous Underpayment$18,334
75TA Check-Out$18,233
76Fuel Break$16,635
77Pond Sealing or Lining- Compacted Soil Treatment$16,083
78TA Application$14,684
79Forest Management Plan$13,655
80Structures for Wildlife$13,143
81Shallow Water Development and Management$12,980
82Water and Sediment Control Basin$10,883
83Pest Management Conservation System$10,623
84Residue and Tillage Management - Ridge Till$8,334
85Early Successional Habitat Development-Mgt$7,766
86Riparian Forest Buffer $4,778
87Lined Waterway or Outlet$4,589
88Mulching $4,436
89Pollinator Habitat Plan - Written$4,216
90Contour Buffer Strips $3,569
91Riparian Herbaceous Cover $3,184
92Forest Trails and Landings$2,616
93Wetland Creation$1,974
94Other Payment$1,375
95Filter Strip $655
96Restoration of Rare or Declining Natural Communities$588
97Access Control$536
98Groundwater Testing$455
99Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment $418
100Wetland Wildlife Habitat Management$274
101Water Well Disinfection$216
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 Total Payments, 2017-2020339,437,152
NRCS climate smart practice.

NCRS climate smart practices on EQIP acres, 2017-2020, Texas

1Range Planting $21,759,590
2Forage and Biomass Planting $15,312,400
3Cover Crop $13,201,776
4Prescribed Grazing $9,104,466
5Tree & Shrub Establishment $4,529,319
6Conservation Cover $1,991,305
7Res. & Tillage Mgt- Mulch-till $1,355,659
8Residue & Tillage Management-No Till/Strip Till (Ac.) $840,584
9Upland Wildlife Habitat Management $788,439
10Irrigation Water Management $754,114
11Grassed Waterway $597,725
12Nutrient Management $303,105
13Conservation Crop Rotation $50,360
14Solid/Liquid Waste Separation Facility $41,366
15Field Border $37,486
16Riparian Forest Buffer $4,778
17Mulching $4,436
18Contour Buffer Strips $3,569
19Riparian Herbaceous Cover $3,184
20Filter Strip $655
21Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment $418
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 Total Climate Smart EQIP payments, 2017-2020$70,684,732
NRCS climate smart practice.

EQIP payments by county, 2017-2021

RankStateEQIP Payments, 2017-2020
1Starr County, Texas$9,412,327
2Hale County, Texas$6,925,571
3Lubbock County, Texas$6,750,282
4Deaf Smith County, Texas$4,425,530
5Taylor County, Texas$4,343,479
6Nolan County, Texas$4,209,120
7Kimble County, Texas$3,938,827
8Hansford County, Texas$3,869,279
9Castro County, Texas$3,677,808
10Zapata County, Texas$3,577,058
11Lamb County, Texas$3,428,142
12Coke County, Texas$3,355,942
13Webb County, Texas$3,236,145
14Colorado County, Texas$3,223,607
15Hockley County, Texas$3,133,818
16Edwards County, Texas$3,132,322
17Wharton County, Texas$3,125,563
18Gaines County, Texas$2,877,283
19Schleicher County, Texas$2,806,844
20Duval County, Texas$2,687,724
21Terry County, Texas$2,676,117
22Crockett County, Texas$2,633,211
23Crosby County, Texas$2,399,821
24Stephens County, Texas$2,355,638
25Matagorda County, Texas$2,248,865
26Floyd County, Texas$2,229,325
27Concho County, Texas$2,158,111
28Martin County, Texas$2,147,981
29Dawson County, Texas$2,059,909
30Cass County, Texas$1,981,614
31Sutton County, Texas$1,923,659
32Dallam County, Texas$1,888,353
33Menard County, Texas$1,849,211
34Presidio County, Texas$1,833,692
35Sterling County, Texas$1,760,677
36Jim Hogg County, Texas$1,744,728
37Runnels County, Texas$1,722,956
38Cochran County, Texas$1,703,669
39Lynn County, Texas$1,686,229
40San Saba County, Texas$1,659,837
41Reagan County, Texas$1,643,892
42Gillespie County, Texas$1,635,165
43Kerr County, Texas$1,613,826
44Comanche County, Texas$1,586,820
45McCulloch County, Texas$1,572,153
46Pecos County, Texas$1,557,790
47Hopkins County, Texas$1,540,266
48Tom Green County, Texas$1,487,801
49Swisher County, Texas$1,472,413
50Moore County, Texas$1,394,695
51Frio County, Texas$1,389,525
52Sherman County, Texas$1,375,176
53Lipscomb County, Texas$1,361,395
54Lamar County, Texas$1,357,702
55Hemphill County, Texas$1,356,147
56Brewster County, Texas$1,350,707
57Howard County, Texas$1,327,981
58Hidalgo County, Texas$1,324,940
59Oldham County, Texas$1,323,167
60Yoakum County, Texas$1,274,360
61Parmer County, Texas$1,268,475
62Callahan County, Texas$1,264,290
63Red River County, Texas$1,254,577
64Ellis County, Texas$1,234,723
65Hardeman County, Texas$1,203,726
66Young County, Texas$1,170,004
67Motley County, Texas$1,137,918
68Live Oak County, Texas$1,114,583
69Foard County, Texas$1,102,171
70Hamilton County, Texas$1,100,125
71Medina County, Texas$1,094,109
72Val Verde County, Texas$1,086,945
73Hartley County, Texas$1,076,167
74El Paso County, Texas$1,055,782
75Armstrong County, Texas$1,054,160
76Lampasas County, Texas$1,030,868
77Jim Wells County, Texas$1,022,432
78Cherokee County, Texas$1,016,506
79Hall County, Texas$1,009,928
80Wise County, Texas$1,002,897
81Hutchinson County, Texas$996,640
82Bailey County, Texas$990,011
83Mason County, Texas$987,676
84Terrell County, Texas$986,953
85Fisher County, Texas$976,693
86Childress County, Texas$975,727
87Uvalde County, Texas$950,678
88Brown County, Texas$933,606
89Bee County, Texas$925,217
90Montague County, Texas$919,169
91King County, Texas$915,128
92Shackelford County, Texas$891,398
93Anderson County, Texas$865,627
94Stonewall County, Texas$861,051
95Wilbarger County, Texas$860,092
96Briscoe County, Texas$854,114
97Scurry County, Texas$848,352
98Houston County, Texas$830,515
99La Salle County, Texas$819,294
100Collingsworth County, Texas$814,179
101Kent County, Texas$813,203
102Dickens County, Texas$781,202
103Throckmorton County, Texas$771,557
104Nacogdoches County, Texas$743,097
105Kinney County, Texas$742,352
106Navarro County, Texas$740,858
107Glasscock County, Texas$721,755
108Donley County, Texas$720,216
109Robertson County, Texas$713,004
110Cottle County, Texas$711,035
111Coleman County, Texas$709,931
112Borden County, Texas$706,249
113Atascosa County, Texas$694,737
114Wheeler County, Texas$692,874
115Llano County, Texas$688,991
116Mitchell County, Texas$687,269
117McLennan County, Texas$685,441
118Limestone County, Texas$671,291
119Bandera County, Texas$665,561
120Wichita County, Texas$660,047
121Jack County, Texas$659,138
122Haskell County, Texas$653,254
123Hill County, Texas$646,708
124Mills County, Texas$629,511
125Erath County, Texas$615,218
126Blanco County, Texas$607,967
127Irion County, Texas$602,874
128Guadalupe County, Texas$602,438
129Lavaca County, Texas$601,060
130Upton County, Texas$580,707
131Coryell County, Texas$574,310
132Palo Pinto County, Texas$568,119
133Real County, Texas$560,149
134Harrison County, Texas$550,330
135Roberts County, Texas$548,128
136Caldwell County, Texas$535,570
137Rusk County, Texas$529,943
138Goliad County, Texas$504,037
139Washington County, Texas$470,433
140Victoria County, Texas$468,287
141Jones County, Texas$463,590
142Falls County, Texas$458,901
143Ochiltree County, Texas$457,108
144Cooke County, Texas$447,759
145Knox County, Texas$436,576
146Refugio County, Texas$429,192
147Angelina County, Texas$426,909
148Brooks County, Texas$425,803
149Bell County, Texas$422,767
150Smith County, Texas$417,502
151Eastland County, Texas$415,081
152Cameron County, Texas$413,827
153McMullen County, Texas$411,053
154Fannin County, Texas$410,129
155Reeves County, Texas$407,053
156Clay County, Texas$404,963
157Kleberg County, Texas$399,940
158Karnes County, Texas$397,543
159Randall County, Texas$391,223
160Archer County, Texas$374,852
161Liberty County, Texas$373,293
162Chambers County, Texas$367,650
163Jeff Davis County, Texas$365,328
164Bosque County, Texas$337,249
165Gonzales County, Texas$331,225
166Bastrop County, Texas$329,757
167Grayson County, Texas$328,577
168Hays County, Texas$317,798
169Milam County, Texas$303,608
170Dimmit County, Texas$301,494
171Wilson County, Texas$297,913
172Burleson County, Texas$296,841
173Delta County, Texas$295,550
174Wood County, Texas$293,668
175Bowie County, Texas$292,543
176Willacy County, Texas$287,211
177Kendall County, Texas$284,532
178Jackson County, Texas$283,430
179Fayette County, Texas$281,725
180Maverick County, Texas$279,643
181Baylor County, Texas$279,548
182Potter County, Texas$276,108
183Carson County, Texas$267,565
184Williamson County, Texas$256,056
185Henderson County, Texas$251,134
186Upshur County, Texas$247,528
187Leon County, Texas$246,577
188Panola County, Texas$238,101
189San Patricio County, Texas$229,693
190Hood County, Texas$217,491
191Nueces County, Texas$217,350
192Garza County, Texas$212,873
193Burnet County, Texas$187,145
194Shelby County, Texas$186,150
195Freestone County, Texas$185,633
196Hunt County, Texas$179,369
197Trinity County, Texas$179,200
198DeWitt County, Texas$172,532
199Denton County, Texas$161,583
200Travis County, Texas$148,838
201Parker County, Texas$143,640
202Camp County, Texas$132,731
203Hudspeth County, Texas$124,980
204Grimes County, Texas$120,149
205Crane County, Texas$114,285
206Van Zandt County, Texas$109,428
207Kaufman County, Texas$109,116
208Gray County, Texas$108,561
209Jefferson County, Texas$106,629
210Lee County, Texas$105,080
211Madison County, Texas$101,266
212Sabine County, Texas$98,798
213Marion County, Texas$95,323
214Montgomery County, Texas$92,736
215Comal County, Texas$91,124
216Andrews County, Texas$86,839
217Fort Bend County, Texas$85,463
218Brazoria County, Texas$84,931
219Franklin County, Texas$81,404
220Titus County, Texas$78,652
221Bexar County, Texas$77,396
222Tyler County, Texas$71,778
223Rains County, Texas$64,632
224Brazos County, Texas$60,243
225Polk County, Texas$57,766
226Johnson County, Texas$53,255
227Zavala County, Texas$48,520
228Midland County, Texas$37,545
229Walker County, Texas$33,570
230Jasper County, Texas$25,106
231Somervell County, Texas$24,736
232Collin County, Texas$23,005
233Austin County, Texas$14,842
234Calhoun County, Texas$13,361
235San Augustine County, Texas$8,481
236Aransas County, Texas$4,629
237Ector County, Texas$1,832
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Texas, 2017

Land in Texas, 2017

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:248,416
Total Acres in Farms:127,036,184
Cropland Acres:29,360,229
Permanent pasture and rangeland:87,913,721
Woodland Acres:7,277,187

Livestock in Texas, 2017

LivestockNumber of Animals
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold619,061,221
Layers inventory 21,006,254
Cattle and calves inventory12,573,876
Hogs and pigs inventory1,026,418
Sheep and lambs inventory729,438

Crops in Texas, 2017


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