EQIP in Virginia


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EQIP payments by county in Virginia, 1998-2015

1Washington County, Virginia$9,920,728
2Smyth County, Virginia$6,889,488
3Rockingham County, Virginia$6,369,676
4Lee County, Virginia$5,407,377
5Russell County, Virginia$4,912,703
6Accomack County, Virginia$4,549,540
7Scott County, Virginia$3,494,774
8Tazewell County, Virginia$3,291,287
9Southampton County, Virginia$2,733,016
10Augusta County, Virginia$2,653,648
11Franklin County, Virginia$2,558,383
12Greensville County, Virginia$2,353,875
13Campbell County, Virginia$2,263,635
14Louisa County, Virginia$2,222,414
15Pittsylvania County, Virginia$2,205,218
16Sussex County, Virginia$2,161,058
17Charlotte County, Virginia$2,151,867
18Grayson County, Virginia$1,814,832
19Wythe County, Virginia$1,739,721
20Mecklenburg County, Virginia$1,709,826
21Carroll County, Virginia$1,568,975
22Floyd County, Virginia$1,531,018
23Northumberland County, Virginia$1,360,740
24Patrick County, Virginia$1,215,243
25Fauquier County, Virginia$1,197,988
26Prince Edward County, Virginia$1,195,869
27Amelia County, Virginia$1,160,210
28Westmoreland County, Virginia$1,147,730
29Bedford County, Virginia$1,127,545
30Pulaski County, Virginia$1,107,469
31Dinwiddie County, Virginia$1,090,323
32Brunswick County, Virginia$1,089,821
33Bland County, Virginia$1,081,233
34Essex County, Virginia$1,057,231
35Cumberland County, Virginia$1,048,429
36Orange County, Virginia$1,029,167
37Culpeper County, Virginia$1,028,823
38Henry County, Virginia$1,016,590
39Halifax County, Virginia$995,812
40Isle of Wight County, Virginia$993,454
41Lunenburg County, Virginia$978,219
42Buckingham County, Virginia$970,848
43Nottoway County, Virginia$945,807
44Spotsylvania County, Virginia$879,225
45Shenandoah County, Virginia$867,428
46Page County, Virginia$852,972
47Rockbridge County, Virginia$836,337
48Richmond County, Virginia$766,011
49Suffolk City, Virginia$746,748
50Montgomery County, Virginia$742,393
51Madison County, Virginia$690,495
52Middlesex County, Virginia$666,325
53Gloucester County, Virginia$662,193
54Clarke County, Virginia$651,860
55Loudoun County, Virginia$645,610
56Surry County, Virginia$599,857
57Giles County, Virginia$599,374
58Northampton County, Virginia$585,546
59Lancaster County, Virginia$562,803
60Hanover County, Virginia$557,751
61King and Queen County, Virginia$555,133
62King George County, Virginia$539,193
63Appomattox County, Virginia$533,779
64Caroline County, Virginia$509,061
65Botetourt County, Virginia$467,660
66Highland County, Virginia$430,756
67Fluvanna County, Virginia$428,124
68Craig County, Virginia$417,115
69Amherst County, Virginia$348,418
70Rappahannock County, Virginia$338,350
71Virginia Beach City, Virginia$325,240
72Albemarle County, Virginia$312,288
73Stafford County, Virginia$296,153
74Frederick County, Virginia$296,032
75Charles City County, Virginia$281,719
76King William County, Virginia$245,107
77Goochland County, Virginia$220,577
78Dickenson County, Virginia$136,686
79Nelson County, Virginia$124,961
80Wise County, Virginia$124,527
81New Kent County, Virginia$121,206
82Prince William County, Virginia$116,553
83Chesapeake City, Virginia$107,121
84Alleghany County, Virginia$105,182
85Bath County, Virginia$98,077
86Prince George County, Virginia$84,589
87Roanoke County, Virginia$55,343
88Greene County, Virginia$48,808
89James City County, Virginia$43,665
90Mathews County, Virginia$33,982
92Staunton City, Virginia$20,467
94Henrico County, Virginia$18,539
95Warren County, Virginia$16,639
97Chesterfield County, Virginia$8,081

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