Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) in Kansas

CRP rental payments by fiscal year in Kansas

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2021

Conservation practices installed on CRP acres, cumulative, as of January 2020, Kansas

1Grass plantings - native621,86032.8%
2Rare and declining habitat562,88129.6%
3Wildlife habitat319,70216.8%
4State acres for wildlife enhancement203,46810.7%
5Existing grass75,7954.0%
6Upland bird habitat buffers24,7611.3%
7CRP grasslands - native grasses24,3731.3%
8Filter strips18,0471.0%
9Grass plantings - introduced12,4500.7%
10Grass waterways6,5840.3%
11Pollinator habitat5,6120.3%
12Wetland restoration - non-floodplain5,1710.3%
13Wetland restoration - floodplain3,6500.2%
14Wildlife food plots2,9250.2%
15Contour grass strips2,3880.1%
16Riparian buffers2,1190.1%
17Farmable wetland program - buffer1,393< 0.1%
18Field windbreaks915< 0.1%
19Shallow water for wildlife859< 0.1%
20Farmable wetland program - wetland730< 0.1%
21CRP grasslands - introduced grasses619< 0.1%
22Salinity reducing Vegetation521< 0.1%
23Wildlife corridors463< 0.1%
24Shelterbelts405< 0.1%
25Wetland restoration378< 0.1%
26Tree plantings - hardwoods297< 0.1%
27Bottomland hardwood trees209< 0.1%
28Existing trees54< 0.1%
29Cross wind trap strips46< 0.1%
30Living snow fences36< 0.1%
31Tree plantings - softwoods15< 0.1%
32Farmable wetland program - constructed wetlands7< 0.1%
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 Total Acres1,898,705 

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2021

RankStateCRP Rental Payments, 2017-2020
1Hamilton County, Kansas$15,560,364
2Ness County, Kansas$13,779,408
3Reno County, Kansas$12,682,753
4Kearny County, Kansas$11,079,136
5Gray County, Kansas$10,090,651
6Morton County, Kansas$10,007,427
7Finney County, Kansas$9,529,008
8Hodgeman County, Kansas$9,036,242
9Stanton County, Kansas$8,307,442
10Meade County, Kansas$8,233,088
11Stevens County, Kansas$7,794,201
12Graham County, Kansas$7,611,287
13Lane County, Kansas$7,571,579
14Russell County, Kansas$6,945,905
15Seward County, Kansas$6,816,561
16Rush County, Kansas$6,591,399
17Kiowa County, Kansas$6,403,997
18Wallace County, Kansas$5,860,137
19Stafford County, Kansas$5,559,081
20Clark County, Kansas$5,522,994
21Grant County, Kansas$5,309,107
22Dickinson County, Kansas$5,242,478
23Cheyenne County, Kansas$5,190,113
24Ford County, Kansas$5,154,321
25Sherman County, Kansas$4,922,588
26Trego County, Kansas$4,856,894
27Rooks County, Kansas$4,545,167
28Logan County, Kansas$4,260,420
29Gove County, Kansas$4,102,914
30Ellis County, Kansas$3,994,731
31Coffey County, Kansas$3,970,211
32Pratt County, Kansas$3,852,655
33Washington County, Kansas$3,828,038
34Ellsworth County, Kansas$3,745,911
35Kingman County, Kansas$3,492,698
36Wichita County, Kansas$3,431,060
37Pawnee County, Kansas$3,419,334
38Greeley County, Kansas$3,371,037
39Nemaha County, Kansas$3,295,099
40Clay County, Kansas$3,188,351
41Jackson County, Kansas$3,154,445
42Marshall County, Kansas$3,048,853
43Lincoln County, Kansas$2,988,726
44Doniphan County, Kansas$2,874,208
45Pottawatomie County, Kansas$2,827,603
46Osborne County, Kansas$2,670,149
47Edwards County, Kansas$2,627,704
48Harper County, Kansas$2,593,408
49Lyon County, Kansas$2,511,778
50Wabaunsee County, Kansas$2,286,316
51Haskell County, Kansas$2,278,182
52Barton County, Kansas$2,271,452
53Comanche County, Kansas$2,260,710
54Phillips County, Kansas$2,258,359
55Linn County, Kansas$2,223,779
56Thomas County, Kansas$2,193,745
57Norton County, Kansas$2,185,617
58Scott County, Kansas$2,180,252
59Brown County, Kansas$2,039,911
60Osage County, Kansas$1,920,450
61Ottawa County, Kansas$1,920,406
62Rice County, Kansas$1,913,325
63Bourbon County, Kansas$1,872,906
64Saline County, Kansas$1,758,125
65Jewell County, Kansas$1,744,255
66Marion County, Kansas$1,739,049
67Smith County, Kansas$1,658,442
68Mitchell County, Kansas$1,622,691
69Anderson County, Kansas$1,620,922
70Sheridan County, Kansas$1,568,240
71Republic County, Kansas$1,523,614
72Jefferson County, Kansas$1,431,453
73Cloud County, Kansas$1,243,527
74McPherson County, Kansas$1,241,563
75Barber County, Kansas$1,150,721
76Allen County, Kansas$1,148,156
77Crawford County, Kansas$1,103,031
78Atchison County, Kansas$1,058,675
79Sumner County, Kansas$1,057,143
80Franklin County, Kansas$1,051,998
81Shawnee County, Kansas$1,018,249
82Neosho County, Kansas$902,006
83Douglas County, Kansas$820,011
84Miami County, Kansas$806,692
85Greenwood County, Kansas$795,779
86Decatur County, Kansas$777,161
87Woodson County, Kansas$767,981
88Morris County, Kansas$767,850
89Leavenworth County, Kansas$705,655
90Riley County, Kansas$663,827
91Cowley County, Kansas$588,392
92Geary County, Kansas$521,828
93Harvey County, Kansas$520,097
94Rawlins County, Kansas$507,189
95Wilson County, Kansas$492,090
96Labette County, Kansas$476,728
97Elk County, Kansas$402,722
98Cherokee County, Kansas$260,003
99Chautauqua County, Kansas$238,695
100Sedgwick County, Kansas$225,579
101Montgomery County, Kansas$223,982
102Chase County, Kansas$205,911
103Johnson County, Kansas$103,064
104Butler County, Kansas$101,563
105Wyandotte County, Kansas$272
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Kansas, 2017

Land in Kansas, 2017

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:58,569
Total Acres in Farms:45,759,319
Cropland Acres:29,125,505
Permanent pasture and rangeland:14,852,685
Woodland Acres:651,590

Livestock in Kansas, 2017

LivestockNumber of Animals
Cattle and calves inventory6,278,772
Hogs and pigs inventory2,100,764
Sheep and lambs inventory73,526
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold22,153

Crops in Kansas, 2017


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