Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) in Nebraska

CRP rental payments by fiscal year in Nebraska

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2021

Conservation practices installed on CRP acres, cumulative, as of January 2020, Nebraska

1CRP grasslands - native grasses311,37829.6%
2Grass plantings - native236,77522.5%
3Rare and declining habitat145,88913.9%
4State acres for wildlife enhancement125,62712.0%
5Existing grass55,4055.3%
6Wildlife habitat35,1793.3%
7Pollinator habitat28,6002.7%
8Grass plantings - introduced27,7472.6%
9CRP grasslands - introduced grasses21,1632.0%
10Field windbreaks17,7131.7%
11Filter strips12,7661.2%
12Upland bird habitat buffers9,2580.9%
13Wetland restoration - floodplain9,2390.9%
14Wetland restoration - non-floodplain4,9250.5%
15Farmable wetland program - buffer1,7190.2%
16Farmable wetland program - wetland1,3810.1%
17Riparian buffers1,2820.1%
18Grass waterways1,0880.1%
19Shelterbelts901< 0.1%
20Marginal pasture buffers - wildlife507< 0.1%
21Salinity reducing Vegetation449< 0.1%
22Wildlife food plots376< 0.1%
23Tree plantings - hardwoods317< 0.1%
24Marginal pasture buffers - wetland285< 0.1%
25Existing trees266< 0.1%
26Contour grass strips229< 0.1%
27Tree plantings - softwoods203< 0.1%
28Wetland restoration158< 0.1%
29Shallow water for wildlife127< 0.1%
30Living snow fences66< 0.1%
31Wildlife corridors13< 0.1%
32Bottomland hardwood trees9< 0.1%
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 Total Acres1,051,032 

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2021

RankStateCRP Rental Payments, 2017-2020
1Kimball County, Nebraska$12,373,580
2Richardson County, Nebraska$12,224,567
3Dixon County, Nebraska$10,359,851
4Knox County, Nebraska$9,942,123
5Cedar County, Nebraska$9,285,529
6Cheyenne County, Nebraska$8,844,574
7Gage County, Nebraska$8,832,836
8Stanton County, Nebraska$6,972,588
9Burt County, Nebraska$6,782,364
10Johnson County, Nebraska$6,494,636
11Morrill County, Nebraska$6,053,223
12Thurston County, Nebraska$6,033,658
13Saunders County, Nebraska$5,995,445
14Banner County, Nebraska$5,590,591
15Box Butte County, Nebraska$5,478,523
16Seward County, Nebraska$5,454,528
17Madison County, Nebraska$5,435,343
18Dakota County, Nebraska$5,221,326
19Lancaster County, Nebraska$5,202,377
20Antelope County, Nebraska$5,160,032
21Chase County, Nebraska$4,782,867
22Butler County, Nebraska$4,778,150
23Furnas County, Nebraska$4,676,384
24Hayes County, Nebraska$4,653,716
25Nemaha County, Nebraska$4,640,017
26Cuming County, Nebraska$4,422,839
27Otoe County, Nebraska$4,191,263
28Pawnee County, Nebraska$4,171,136
29Pierce County, Nebraska$4,103,313
30Red Willow County, Nebraska$3,724,857
31Sheridan County, Nebraska$3,723,209
32Jefferson County, Nebraska$3,662,853
33Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska$3,608,254
34Dundy County, Nebraska$3,383,039
35Webster County, Nebraska$3,130,286
36Boone County, Nebraska$3,048,467
37Hitchcock County, Nebraska$3,034,423
38Saline County, Nebraska$2,943,072
39Colfax County, Nebraska$2,758,893
40Perkins County, Nebraska$2,567,405
41Dodge County, Nebraska$2,496,732
42Franklin County, Nebraska$2,396,864
43Holt County, Nebraska$2,342,462
44Platte County, Nebraska$2,284,795
45Lincoln County, Nebraska$2,160,493
46Nance County, Nebraska$2,074,207
47Frontier County, Nebraska$2,019,273
48Cass County, Nebraska$1,960,203
49Washington County, Nebraska$1,855,507
50Keith County, Nebraska$1,713,487
51Deuel County, Nebraska$1,682,732
52Wheeler County, Nebraska$1,663,251
53Gosper County, Nebraska$1,475,159
54Garden County, Nebraska$1,382,755
55Harlan County, Nebraska$1,376,765
56Howard County, Nebraska$1,289,658
57Thayer County, Nebraska$1,202,540
58Greeley County, Nebraska$1,199,896
59Wayne County, Nebraska$1,148,897
60Custer County, Nebraska$1,015,752
61Sherman County, Nebraska$1,004,251
62Dawes County, Nebraska$972,293
63Dawson County, Nebraska$964,487
64Sioux County, Nebraska$906,697
65Buffalo County, Nebraska$905,271
66Sarpy County, Nebraska$760,649
67Nuckolls County, Nebraska$603,460
68Merrick County, Nebraska$565,005
69Douglas County, Nebraska$541,021
70Clay County, Nebraska$471,642
71Valley County, Nebraska$433,266
72Boyd County, Nebraska$388,764
73Rock County, Nebraska$384,850
74Fillmore County, Nebraska$280,567
75Adams County, Nebraska$267,501
76Garfield County, Nebraska$265,580
77Brown County, Nebraska$224,024
78Hall County, Nebraska$200,306
79Hamilton County, Nebraska$189,299
80Polk County, Nebraska$151,367
81Cherry County, Nebraska$131,931
82Kearney County, Nebraska$93,472
83York County, Nebraska$92,638
84Keya Paha County, Nebraska$67,698
85Loup County, Nebraska$59,126
86McPherson County, Nebraska$50,532
87Logan County, Nebraska$36,752
88Phelps County, Nebraska$34,449
89Blaine County, Nebraska$32,141
90Hooker County, Nebraska$6,508
91Thomas County, Nebraska$3,576
92Grant County, Nebraska$0
93Arthur County, Nebraska$0
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Nebraska, 2017

Land in Nebraska, 2017

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:46,332
Total Acres in Farms:44,986,821
Cropland Acres:22,242,599
Permanent pasture and rangeland:21,531,851
Woodland Acres:352,535

Livestock in Nebraska, 2017

LivestockNumber of Animals
Layers inventory 7,353,761
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold6,785,473
Cattle and calves inventory6,759,945
Hogs and pigs inventory3,584,756
Sheep and lambs inventory63,043

Crops in Nebraska, 2017


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