Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) in Tennessee

CRP rental payments by fiscal year in Tennessee

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2021

Conservation practices installed on CRP acres, cumulative, as of January 2020, Tennessee

1Grass plantings - introduced31,33024.9%
2Grass plantings - native20,29916.1%
3Tree plantings - softwoods19,00315.1%
4Existing grass10,6168.4%
5State acres for wildlife enhancement9,5967.6%
6Existing trees5,0584.0%
7Pollinator habitat4,8893.9%
8Tree plantings - hardwoods4,5813.6%
9Riparian buffers4,4613.5%
10Filter strips3,7903.0%
11Upland bird habitat buffers3,1252.5%
12Bottomland hardwood trees2,6422.1%
13Wildlife habitat2,1441.7%
14CRP grasslands - introduced grasses1,9881.6%
15CRP grasslands - native grasses1,0220.8%
16Wetland restoration - floodplain6290.5%
17Wildlife food plots2550.2%
18Grass waterways1740.1%
19Marginal pasture buffers - wildlife75< 0.1%
20Shallow water for wildlife57< 0.1%
21Wetland restoration43< 0.1%
22Contour grass strips21< 0.1%
23Wildlife corridors8< 0.1%
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 Total Acres125,794 

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2021

RankStateCRP Rental Payments, 2017-2020
1Haywood County, Tennessee$4,828,323
2Madison County, Tennessee$4,445,097
3Weakley County, Tennessee$4,100,206
4Carroll County, Tennessee$4,010,775
5Fayette County, Tennessee$3,954,604
6Obion County, Tennessee$2,843,117
7Lauderdale County, Tennessee$2,677,286
8Gibson County, Tennessee$2,542,001
9Hardeman County, Tennessee$2,494,800
10Henry County, Tennessee$2,309,684
11Henderson County, Tennessee$1,757,672
12Crockett County, Tennessee$1,482,788
13McNairy County, Tennessee$1,478,749
14Hardin County, Tennessee$1,408,521
15Lawrence County, Tennessee$1,315,639
16Benton County, Tennessee$1,033,726
17Dyer County, Tennessee$949,276
18Cumberland County, Tennessee$728,872
19Chester County, Tennessee$699,060
20Tipton County, Tennessee$605,179
21Giles County, Tennessee$583,447
22Shelby County, Tennessee$512,671
23Wayne County, Tennessee$458,190
24Decatur County, Tennessee$279,219
25Robertson County, Tennessee$228,765
26Franklin County, Tennessee$197,105
27Lincoln County, Tennessee$192,902
28Montgomery County, Tennessee$190,870
29Perry County, Tennessee$112,127
30Dickson County, Tennessee$105,079
31Morgan County, Tennessee$103,684
32Hickman County, Tennessee$94,544
33Maury County, Tennessee$89,968
34Rhea County, Tennessee$87,542
35Cheatham County, Tennessee$81,689
36Lake County, Tennessee$72,630
37Van Buren County, Tennessee$72,306
38Meigs County, Tennessee$65,002
39Bradley County, Tennessee$51,249
40Bedford County, Tennessee$39,710
41Bledsoe County, Tennessee$36,960
42Grundy County, Tennessee$34,776
43Humphreys County, Tennessee$34,611
44Overton County, Tennessee$30,791
45Wilson County, Tennessee$28,772
46Polk County, Tennessee$27,522
47DeKalb County, Tennessee$26,877
48Sequatchie County, Tennessee$25,683
49Coffee County, Tennessee$22,216
50Putnam County, Tennessee$18,373
51Knox County, Tennessee$17,085
52White County, Tennessee$16,965
53Stewart County, Tennessee$16,648
54McMinn County, Tennessee$16,204
55Clay County, Tennessee$15,971
56Fentress County, Tennessee$15,345
57Greene County, Tennessee$14,651
58Sumner County, Tennessee$12,539
59Marion County, Tennessee$11,793
60Smith County, Tennessee$9,740
61Warren County, Tennessee$9,037
62Macon County, Tennessee$8,669
63Roane County, Tennessee$7,199
64Cannon County, Tennessee$5,434
65Claiborne County, Tennessee$4,313
66Lewis County, Tennessee$4,142
67Loudon County, Tennessee$3,845
68Hawkins County, Tennessee$3,552
69Rutherford County, Tennessee$3,438
70Grainger County, Tennessee$2,815
71Moore County, Tennessee$2,598
72Jackson County, Tennessee$2,020
73Houston County, Tennessee$1,402
74Marshall County, Tennessee$1,396
75Davidson County, Tennessee$1,370
76Hamblen County, Tennessee$1,016
77Union County, Tennessee$889
78Hamilton County, Tennessee$741
79Hancock County, Tennessee$583
80Anderson County, Tennessee$580
81Campbell County, Tennessee$179
82Williamson County, Tennessee$92
83Sullivan County, Tennessee$36
84Carter County, Tennessee$0
85Sevier County, Tennessee$0
86Monroe County, Tennessee$0
87Jefferson County, Tennessee$0
88Washington County, Tennessee$0
89Scott County, Tennessee$0
90Blount County, Tennessee$0
91Unicoi County, Tennessee$0
92Trousdale County, Tennessee$0
93Cocke County, Tennessee$0
94Johnson County, Tennessee$0
95Pickett County, Tennessee$0
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Tennessee, 2017

Land in Tennessee, 2017

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:69,983
Total Acres in Farms:10,874,238
Cropland Acres:5,286,321
Permanent pasture and rangeland:2,633,066
Woodland Acres:2,473,436

Livestock in Tennessee, 2017

LivestockNumber of Animals
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold169,503,820
Layers inventory 1,986,321
Cattle and calves inventory1,820,101
Hogs and pigs inventory225,044
Sheep and lambs inventory60,809

Crops in Tennessee, 2017


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