Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) in Idaho

CRP rental payments by fiscal year in Idaho

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2022

Conservation practices installed on CRP acres, cumulative, as of January 2020, Idaho

1Grass plantings - introduced203,71738.1%
2State acres for wildlife enhancement144,49627.0%
3Wildlife habitat56,03310.5%
4Existing grass49,7349.3%
5Grass plantings - native40,2307.5%
6CRP grasslands - native grasses23,7834.4%
7Pollinator habitat7,6201.4%
8Tree plantings - softwoods5,2171.0%
9Riparian buffers2,6870.5%
10Filter strips7180.1%
11Wetland restoration - floodplain375< 0.1%
12Existing trees291< 0.1%
13Marginal pasture buffers - wildlife105< 0.1%
14Rare and declining habitat78< 0.1%
15Wildlife food plots68< 0.1%
16Marginal pasture buffers - wetland53< 0.1%
17Contour grass strips37< 0.1%
18Field windbreaks35< 0.1%
19Tree plantings - hardwoods26< 0.1%
20Wetland restoration - non-floodplain25< 0.1%
21Shallow water for wildlife23< 0.1%
22Shelterbelts16< 0.1%
23Wildlife corridors10< 0.1%
24Farmable wetland program - wetland4< 0.1%
25Farmable wetland program - buffer2< 0.1%
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 Total Acres535,375 

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2022

RankStateCRP Rental Payments, 2017-2022
1Power County, Idaho$27,464,317
2Cassia County, Idaho$22,281,887
3Bonneville County, Idaho$15,059,226
4Bannock County, Idaho$13,734,654
5Caribou County, Idaho$11,660,905
6Oneida County, Idaho$10,586,228
7Bingham County, Idaho$9,975,577
8Franklin County, Idaho$9,079,639
9Latah County, Idaho$6,600,796
10Fremont County, Idaho$5,958,223
11Madison County, Idaho$4,412,520
12Nez Perce County, Idaho$4,124,293
13Minidoka County, Idaho$3,597,789
14Idaho County, Idaho$3,036,423
15Bear Lake County, Idaho$3,035,262
16Benewah County, Idaho$2,457,656
17Kootenai County, Idaho$2,293,112
18Lewis County, Idaho$2,211,666
19Jefferson County, Idaho$2,033,869
20Teton County, Idaho$1,972,091
21Camas County, Idaho$1,128,869
22Clark County, Idaho$1,043,390
23Washington County, Idaho$949,236
24Clearwater County, Idaho$832,414
25Twin Falls County, Idaho$708,871
26Jerome County, Idaho$435,533
27Lincoln County, Idaho$406,510
28Adams County, Idaho$316,743
29Blaine County, Idaho$307,342
30Boundary County, Idaho$142,302
31Elmore County, Idaho$104,562
32Custer County, Idaho$52,223
33Butte County, Idaho$46,169
34Boise County, Idaho$38,026
35Bonner County, Idaho$24,784
36Payette County, Idaho$24,643
37Gem County, Idaho$9,080
38Valley County, Idaho$4,131
39Gooding County, Idaho$0
40Lemhi County, Idaho$0
41Canyon County, Idaho$0
42Owyhee County, Idaho$0
43Shoshone, County, Idaho$0
44Ada County, Idaho$0
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Idaho, 2022

Land in Idaho, 2022

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:22,877
Total Acres in Farms:11,547,963
Cropland Acres:5,623,516
Permanent pasture and rangeland:5,012,618
Woodland Acres:479,705

Livestock in Idaho, 2022

LivestockNumber of Animals
Cattle and calves inventory2,517,987
Layers inventory 638,424
Sheep and lambs inventory230,681
Hogs and pigs inventory21,157
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold11,815

Crops in Idaho, 2022


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