Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) in Kentucky

CRP rental payments by fiscal year in Kentucky

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2021

Conservation practices installed on CRP acres, cumulative, as of January 2020, Kentucky

1Marginal pasture buffers - wildlife46,45223.4%
2Rare and declining habitat31,88016.1%
3Grass plantings - introduced30,53115.4%
4Grass plantings - native19,0309.6%
5Filter strips15,2947.7%
6State acres for wildlife enhancement14,6167.4%
7Riparian buffers13,4186.8%
8Upland bird habitat buffers5,4542.7%
9Grass waterways5,0052.5%
10Pollinator habitat4,7722.4%
11CRP grasslands - introduced grasses3,3761.7%
12Tree plantings - hardwoods2,7861.4%
13Existing grass2,1871.1%
14Shallow water for wildlife1,7280.9%
15Bottomland hardwood trees5960.3%
16Wildlife food plots4100.2%
17Existing trees2710.1%
18Wildlife habitat2330.1%
19Tree plantings - softwoods1900.1%
20Wetland restoration - non-floodplain137< 0.1%
21Wetland restoration - floodplain83< 0.1%
22CRP grasslands - native grasses52< 0.1%
23Contour grass strips30< 0.1%
24Wildlife corridors8< 0.1%
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 Total Acres198,523 

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2021

RankStateCRP Rental Payments, 2017-2020
1Logan County, Kentucky$13,721,916
2Warren County, Kentucky$13,398,947
3Christian County, Kentucky$12,327,471
4Hart County, Kentucky$10,630,973
5Green County, Kentucky$7,524,626
6Webster County, Kentucky$6,945,630
7Graves County, Kentucky$5,269,114
8Crittenden County, Kentucky$4,464,892
9Allen County, Kentucky$4,266,381
10Adair County, Kentucky$3,916,008
11Todd County, Kentucky$3,544,090
12Butler County, Kentucky$3,525,833
13Edmonson County, Kentucky$3,403,205
14Grayson County, Kentucky$3,366,903
15Barren County, Kentucky$3,179,912
16Metcalfe County, Kentucky$2,677,513
17Taylor County, Kentucky$2,578,088
18Union County, Kentucky$2,422,493
19Hickman County, Kentucky$2,421,234
20Hopkins County, Kentucky$2,384,490
21Muhlenberg County, Kentucky$2,310,687
22Trigg County, Kentucky$2,308,110
23Calloway County, Kentucky$2,287,999
24Caldwell County, Kentucky$2,143,417
25Simpson County, Kentucky$2,100,944
26Livingston County, Kentucky$2,032,273
27Marshall County, Kentucky$1,661,735
28Breckinridge County, Kentucky$1,480,570
29Henderson County, Kentucky$1,479,214
30McLean County, Kentucky$971,170
31Daviess County, Kentucky$949,581
32Fulton County, Kentucky$935,807
33Hardin County, Kentucky$915,441
34Carlisle County, Kentucky$846,068
35Larue County, Kentucky$715,800
36Russell County, Kentucky$573,851
37Ballard County, Kentucky$562,461
38Hancock County, Kentucky$496,121
39Ohio County, Kentucky$441,064
40Shelby County, Kentucky$341,305
41Marion County, Kentucky$333,503
42McCracken County, Kentucky$330,395
43Meade County, Kentucky$297,646
44Bourbon County, Kentucky$186,184
45Lyon County, Kentucky$183,093
46Nelson County, Kentucky$135,212
47Washington County, Kentucky$106,413
48Casey County, Kentucky$105,119
49Fleming County, Kentucky$72,341
50Monroe County, Kentucky$70,505
51Harrison County, Kentucky$58,823
52Boyle County, Kentucky$57,621
53Wayne County, Kentucky$52,582
54Pulaski County, Kentucky$44,444
55Pendleton County, Kentucky$33,014
56Henry County, Kentucky$29,946
57Mercer County, Kentucky$27,955
58Clark County, Kentucky$24,932
59Lincoln County, Kentucky$24,677
60Fayette County, Kentucky$24,627
61Montgomery County, Kentucky$24,371
62Woodford County, Kentucky$23,255
63Bath County, Kentucky$20,684
64Nicholas County, Kentucky$18,103
65Mason County, Kentucky$16,365
66Oldham County, Kentucky$16,086
67Bullitt County, Kentucky$13,498
68Clinton County, Kentucky$13,395
69Madison County, Kentucky$11,214
70Lewis County, Kentucky$4,514
71Garrard County, Kentucky$4,315
72Owen County, Kentucky$3,988
73Jessamine County, Kentucky$3,556
74Boyd County, Kentucky$3,008
75Campbell County, Kentucky$2,926
76Boone County, Kentucky$2,690
77Estill County, Kentucky$2,581
78Carter County, Kentucky$2,514
79Knox County, Kentucky$2,428
80Bracken County, Kentucky$2,240
81Kenton County, Kentucky$2,208
82Jefferson County, Kentucky$1,924
83Whitley County, Kentucky$1,894
84Greenup County, Kentucky$1,880
85Rockcastle County, Kentucky$1,594
86Scott County, Kentucky$1,491
87Cumberland County, Kentucky$1,305
88Anderson County, Kentucky$940
89Franklin County, Kentucky$792
90Floyd County, Kentucky$642
91Magoffin County, Kentucky$532
92Grant County, Kentucky$447
93Lee County, Kentucky$365
94Powell County, Kentucky$244
95Jackson County, Kentucky$181
96Robertson County, Kentucky$180
97Bell County, Kentucky$0
98Breathitt County, Kentucky$0
99Carroll County, Kentucky$0
100Clay County, Kentucky$0
101Elliott County, Kentucky$0
102Gallatin County, Kentucky$0
103Johnson County, Kentucky$0
104Knott County, Kentucky$0
105Laurel County, Kentucky$0
106Lawrence County, Kentucky$0
107McCreary County, Kentucky$0
108Menifee County, Kentucky$0
109Morgan County, Kentucky$0
110Owsley County, Kentucky$0
111Perry County, Kentucky$0
112Pike County, Kentucky$0
113Rowan County, Kentucky$0
114Spencer County, Kentucky$0
115Trimble County, Kentucky$0
116Wolfe County, Kentucky$0
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Kentucky, 2017

Land in Kentucky, 2017

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:75,966
Total Acres in Farms:12,961,784
Cropland Acres:6,630,448
Permanent pasture and rangeland:2,988,777
Woodland Acres:2,689,985

Livestock in Kentucky, 2017

LivestockNumber of Animals
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold289,214,287
Layers inventory 5,909,873
Cattle and calves inventory2,155,894
Hogs and pigs inventory415,702
Sheep and lambs inventory69,933

Crops in Kentucky, 2017


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