Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) in Louisiana

CRP rental payments by fiscal year in Louisiana

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2021

Conservation practices installed on CRP acres, cumulative, as of January 2020, Louisiana

1Wetland restoration - non-floodplain70,84125.9%
2Wetland restoration - floodplain68,22025.0%
3Bottomland hardwood trees49,42118.1%
4Wildlife habitat32,35411.8%
5Tree plantings - softwoods17,2066.3%
6Tree plantings - hardwoods11,5624.2%
7Tree plantings - longleaf pine6,0272.2%
8Existing trees5,0811.9%
9Riparian buffers3,4901.3%
10Farmable wetland program - aquaculture wetlands3,2211.2%
11CRP grasslands - introduced grasses1,2170.4%
12Grass plantings - native1,1410.4%
13Grass plantings - introduced5860.2%
14Wildlife food plots5070.2%
15State acres for wildlife enhancement4760.2%
16Shallow water for wildlife4480.2%
17Existing grass3690.1%
18Farmable wetland program - wetland3350.1%
19Filter strips2610.1%
20Marginal pasture buffers - wetland176< 0.1%
21CRP grasslands - native grasses165< 0.1%
22Wetland restoration101< 0.1%
23Upland bird habitat buffers80< 0.1%
24Longleaf pine34< 0.1%
25Pollinator habitat22< 0.1%
26Grass waterways2< 0.1%
27Farmable wetland program - constructed wetlands1< 0.1%
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 Total Acres273,337 

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2021

RankStateCRP Rental Payments, 2017-2020
1Concordia Parish, Louisiana$14,856,335
2West Carroll Parish, Louisiana$11,155,125
3Tensas Parish, Louisiana$9,339,801
4Franklin Parish, Louisiana$9,219,934
5Madison Parish, Louisiana$9,126,327
6Catahoula Parish, Louisiana$8,938,281
7Richland Parish, Louisiana$7,568,487
8Caldwell Parish, Louisiana$5,338,243
9East Carroll Parish, Louisiana$5,216,605
10Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana$4,158,669
11Morehouse Parish, Louisiana$4,079,450
12Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana$2,770,198
13Red River Parish, Louisiana$1,252,811
14Rapides Parish, Louisiana$1,241,380
15Ouachita Parish, Louisiana$1,164,151
16Saint Landry Parish, Louisiana$991,594
17Evangeline Parish, Louisiana$567,103
18Grant Parish, Louisiana$532,424
19Beauregard Parish, Louisiana$512,597
20East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana$377,115
21West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana$272,110
22La Salle Parish, Louisiana$114,928
23De Soto Parish, Louisiana$61,885
24Allen Parish, Louisiana$59,953
25Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana$57,807
26Bossier Parish, Louisiana$49,530
27Jefferson Davis, Louisiana$46,443
28Washington Parish, Louisiana$45,450
29Caddo Parish, Louisiana$43,979
30Vernon Parish, Louisiana$43,570
31Saint Helena Parish, Louisiana$33,834
32Iberville Parish, Louisiana$25,708
33Winn Parish, Louisiana$24,116
34Saint Martin Parish, Louisiana$10,763
35East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana$7,510
36Sabine Parish, Louisiana$7,080
37Bienville Parish, Louisiana$3,046
38West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana$956
39Acadia Parish, Louisiana$944
40Iberia Parish, Louisiana$565
41Livingston Parish, Louisiana$242
42Cameron Parish, Louisiana$0
43Saint Mary Parish, Louisiana$0
44Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana$0
45Union Parish, Louisiana$0
46Vermilion Parish, Louisiana$0
47Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana$0
48Webster Parish, Louisiana$0
49Assumption Parish, Louisiana$0
50Ascension Parish, Louisiana$0
51Claiborne Parish, Louisiana$0
52Saint Tammany Parish, Louisiana$0
53Saint John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana$0
54Saint James Parish, Louisiana$0
55Saint Charles Parish, Louisiana$0
56Jackson Parish, Louisiana$0
57Lafayette Parish, Louisiana$0
58Lafourche Parish, Louisiana$0
59Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana$0
60Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana$0
61Lincoln Parish, Louisiana$0
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Louisiana, 2017

Land in Louisiana, 2017

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:27,386
Total Acres in Farms:7,997,511
Cropland Acres:4,345,843
Permanent pasture and rangeland:1,692,443
Woodland Acres:1,306,928

Livestock in Louisiana, 2017

LivestockNumber of Animals
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold156,348,601
Layers inventory 1,970,896
Cattle and calves inventory801,163
Sheep and lambs inventory13,161
Hogs and pigs inventory6,281

Crops in Louisiana, 2017


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