Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) in Mississippi

CRP rental payments by fiscal year in Mississippi

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2022

Conservation practices installed on CRP acres, cumulative, as of January 2020, Mississippi

1Tree plantings - softwoods189,74232.1%
2Riparian buffers151,81525.7%
3Existing trees66,70611.3%
4Bottomland hardwood trees59,46310.1%
5Tree plantings - hardwoods27,4724.7%
6Grass plantings - introduced21,4543.6%
7Wetland restoration - floodplain20,8523.5%
8State acres for wildlife enhancement11,7162.0%
9Farmable wetland program - aquaculture wetlands11,1821.9%
10Existing grass8,9241.5%
11Tree plantings - longleaf pine6,2821.1%
12Filter strips4,2240.7%
13Wildlife habitat2,2920.4%
14Grass plantings - native2,1590.4%
15Wildlife food plots1,6550.3%
16Wetland restoration - non-floodplain1,3800.2%
17Upland bird habitat buffers1,3760.2%
18Shallow water for wildlife470< 0.1%
19CRP grasslands - introduced grasses421< 0.1%
20Farmable wetland program - buffer157< 0.1%
21CRP grasslands - native grasses156< 0.1%
22Longleaf pine134< 0.1%
23Farmable wetland program - wetland40< 0.1%
24Marginal pasture buffers - wildlife39< 0.1%
25Marginal pasture buffers - wetland38< 0.1%
26Wildlife corridors35< 0.1%
27Grass waterways20< 0.1%
28Contour grass strips17< 0.1%
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 Total Acres590,210 

CRP rental payments by county, 2017-2022

RankStateCRP Rental Payments, 2017-2022
1Yazoo County, Mississippi$24,174,029
2Panola County, Mississippi$16,737,422
3Quitman County, Mississippi$16,654,013
4Calhoun County, Mississippi$12,126,891
5Tallahatchie County, Mississippi$11,757,620
6Holmes County, Mississippi$11,058,478
7Leflore County, Mississippi$10,027,733
8Chickasaw County, Mississippi$9,542,295
9Sharkey County, Mississippi$8,179,963
10Madison County, Mississippi$8,076,340
11Carroll County, Mississippi$7,108,269
12Humphreys County, Mississippi$6,092,853
13Coahoma County, Mississippi$6,027,303
14Warren County, Mississippi$5,830,512
15Noxubee County, Mississippi$5,826,479
16Hinds County, Mississippi$5,627,676
17Pontotoc County, Mississippi$5,311,433
18Attala County, Mississippi$5,164,407
19Bolivar County, Mississippi$5,086,225
20Monroe County, Mississippi$4,824,048
21Sunflower County, Mississippi$4,514,186
22Clay County, Mississippi$4,373,850
23Issaquena County, Mississippi$3,678,815
24Webster County, Mississippi$3,639,748
25Prentiss County, Mississippi$3,495,770
26Tate County, Mississippi$3,425,673
27Washington County, Mississippi$3,410,452
28Grenada County, Mississippi$3,208,548
29Union County, Mississippi$3,078,705
30Marshall County, Mississippi$3,016,827
31Montgomery County, Mississippi$2,554,380
32Oktibbeha County, Mississippi$2,532,586
33Claiborne County, Mississippi$2,271,017
34Yalobusha County, Mississippi$2,269,036
35Rankin County, Mississippi$2,173,757
36Tunica County, Mississippi$2,133,633
37Lowndes County, Mississippi$2,108,851
38Tippah County, Mississippi$2,058,178
39Lafayette County, Mississippi$1,930,993
40Itawamba County, Mississippi$1,886,971
41Copiah County, Mississippi$1,771,074
42DeSoto County, Mississippi$1,750,477
43Alcorn County, Mississippi$1,521,747
44Choctaw County, Mississippi$1,336,654
45Walthall County, Mississippi$1,331,143
46Scott County, Mississippi$1,276,199
47Benton County, Mississippi$1,224,016
48Leake County, Mississippi$1,053,243
49Amite County, Mississippi$1,010,946
50Wilkinson County, Mississippi$980,752
51Lee County, Mississippi$893,977
52Newton County, Mississippi$892,545
53Adams County, Mississippi$874,598
54Kemper County, Mississippi$855,965
55Tishomingo County, Mississippi$794,626
56Pearl River County, Mississippi$744,591
57Winston County, Mississippi$735,739
58Jefferson County, Mississippi$732,759
59Marion County, Mississippi$703,575
60Simpson County, Mississippi$589,012
61Neshoba County, Mississippi$570,261
62Jones County, Mississippi$395,766
63Franklin County, Mississippi$367,014
64Covington County, Mississippi$355,002
65Lincoln County, Mississippi$350,976
66Lawrence County, Mississippi$309,095
67Smith County, Mississippi$282,141
68Jasper County, Mississippi$267,907
69Pike County, Mississippi$267,460
70Lauderdale County, Mississippi$249,629
71Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi$144,523
72Lamar County, Mississippi$137,748
73Clarke County, Mississippi$121,464
74Perry County, Mississippi$120,280
75Stone County, Mississippi$91,971
76Wayne County, Mississippi$78,366
77Forrest County, Mississippi$56,034
78George County, Mississippi$26,802
79Greene County, Mississippi$19,693
80Hancock County, Mississippi$9,097
81Jackson County, Mississippi$0
82Harrison County, Mississippi$0
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Mississippi, 2022

Land in Mississippi, 2022

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:31,290
Total Acres in Farms:10,251,497
Cropland Acres:5,135,334
Permanent pasture and rangeland:1,442,781
Woodland Acres:3,040,282

Livestock in Mississippi, 2022

LivestockNumber of Animals
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold668,652,465
Layers inventory 4,673,149
Cattle and calves inventory832,542
Hogs and pigs inventory177,541
Sheep and lambs inventory18,884

Crops in Mississippi, 2022


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