EQIP in California


Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) in California

EQIP payments by fiscal year in California

EQIP payments by county, 2017-2020

Practices on EQIP acres, 2017-2020, California

1Combustion System Improvement$80,438,008
2Irrigation System- Microirrigation$59,132,833
3Irrigation Pipeline$17,472,382
4Sprinkler System$16,797,571
5Forest Stand Improvement$15,963,891
6Waste Storage Facility$14,403,080
8Woody Residue Treatment$11,809,686
9Pumping Plant$8,853,811
10Watering Facility$5,677,113
11Brush Management$5,000,013
12Livestock Pipeline$4,469,634
13Irrigation Water Management $4,465,962
14High Tunnel System$3,906,860
15Structure for Water Control$3,586,212
16Fuel Break$3,360,784
17Water Well$3,341,494
18Pond Sealing or Lining- Flexible Membrane$2,921,831
19Wetland Wildlife Habitat Management$2,497,693
20Subsurface Drain$2,385,325
21Stream Crossing$2,179,522
22Field Operations Emissions Reduction$2,151,857
23Tree/Shrub Pruning$1,977,797
24Access Road$1,904,613
25Tree & Shrub Establishment $1,898,037
26Dust Control on Unpaved Roads and Surfaces$1,808,707
27Mulching $1,674,720
28Heavy Use Area Protection$1,672,068
29Anaerobic Digester $1,609,415
30Waste Transfer$1,489,121
31Solid/Liquid Waste Separation Facility $1,452,831
32Cover Crop $1,397,530
33Herbaceous Weed Treatment$1,389,773
34Irrigation Reservoir$1,294,961
35Irrigation Land Leveling$1,284,067
36Obstruction Removal$1,182,667
37Roofs and Covers$1,172,373
38Pond Sealing or Lining- Geomembrane or Geosynthetic Clay Liner$1,028,037
39Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan$1,015,875
40Energy Efficient Building Envelope$822,709
41Tree/Shrub Site Preparation$786,367
42Irrigation Ditch Lining$701,313
43Riparian Forest Buffer $559,898
44Nutrient Management $549,062
45Forage Harvest Management$544,189
46Hedgerow Planting $516,441
47Grade Stabilization Structure$513,509
48Pest Management Conservation System$506,497
49Range Planting $501,449
50Prescribed Grazing $489,742
51Underground Outlet$428,733
52Forage and Biomass Planting $302,018
53Streambank and Shoreline Protection$293,581
54Salinity and Sodic Soil Management$288,601
55Upland Wildlife Habitat Management $278,470
56TA Design$248,159
57Lined Waterway or Outlet$237,309
58Open Channel$234,961
59Res. & Tillage Mgt- Mulch-till $227,544
61Seasonal High Tunnel for Crops$190,860
62TA Application$175,347
63Energy Efficient Lighting System$166,447
64Spring Development$164,744
65Stream Habitat Improvement and Management$164,507
66Nutrient Management Plan - Written$153,619
67Conservation Cover $146,722
68Aquatic Organism Passage$143,173
69Pond Sealing or Lining- Soil Cement$136,302
70Forest Trails and Landings$129,653
71Land Smoothing$129,651
72Roof Runoff Structure$125,112
73Field Operations Emissions Reduction$119,755
74TA Check-Out$108,994
75Forest Management Plan$103,115
76Structures for Wildlife$98,159
77Riparian Herbaceous Cover $97,761
78Access Control$92,957
79Energy Efficient Agricultural Operation$85,060
80Channel Bed Stabilization$81,052
81Residue & Tillage Management-No Till/Strip Till (Ac.) $80,847
82Pond Sealing or Lining- Compacted Soil Treatment$67,176
83Sediment Basin$66,506
84Restoration of Rare or Declining Natural Communities$66,406
85Critical Area Planting$65,549
86Deep Tillage$56,676
87Precision Land Forming and Smoothing$55,226
88Agricultural Energy Management Plan - Written$49,711
89Water and Sediment Control Basin$46,731
90Erroneous Underpayment$44,716
91Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment $44,606
92Pond Sealing or Lining- Compacted Clay Treatment$43,285
93Fish and Wildlife Structure$39,121
95Irrigation and Drainage Tailwater Recovery$32,949
96Trails and Walkways$31,012
97Clearing and Snagging$29,432
99Surface Drain- Field Ditch$27,239
100Composting Facility$27,110
101Road/Trail/Landing Closure and Treatment$25,390
102Precision Pest Control Application $21,363
103Conservation Plan Supporting Organic Transition$20,783
104Well Decommissioning$20,186
105Prescribed Burning$20,176
106Irrigation System- Surface and Subsurface$12,184
107Pollinator Habitat Plan - Written$9,884
108Grazing Land Mechanical Treatment$7,706
109Dust Control on Unpaved Roads and Surfaces$7,530
110Agricultural Energy Management Plan-Headquarters (AgEMP)$7,281
111Wetland Enhancement$7,248
112Water Harvesting Catchment$6,947
113Other Payment$6,815
114Conservation Crop Rotation $6,650
115Dike or Levee$6,300
116Fish and Wildlife Habitat Plan - Written$6,025
117Vegetative Barrier $5,832
118Livestock Shelter Structure$5,731
119Irrigation Field Ditch$4,955
120Stormwater Runoff Control$4,095
121Shallow Water Development and Management$3,380
122Agricultural Energy Management Plan-Landscape (AgEMP)$3,290
123Irrigation Water Conveyance - High Pressure Underground Plastic$2,434
124Anionic Polyacrylamide (PAM) Application$1,575
125Grassed Waterway $1,054
126Dam- Diversion$702
127Residue Management- Seasonal$675
128Agrichemical Handling Facility$668
129Field Border $645
130Pond Sealing or Lining- Bentonite Sealant$616
131Prescribed Burning Plan - Written$536
132Windbreak/Shelterbelt Renovation $379
133Irrigation Water Conveyance - Low Pressure Underground Plastic$368
134Filter Strip $197
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 Total Payments, 2017-2020321,974,750
NRCS climate smart practice.

NCRS climate smart practices on EQIP acres, 2017-2020, California

1Irrigation Water Management $4,465,962
2Tree & Shrub Establishment $1,898,037
3Mulching $1,674,720
4Anaerobic Digester $1,609,415
5Solid/Liquid Waste Separation Facility $1,452,831
6Cover Crop $1,397,530
7Riparian Forest Buffer $559,898
8Nutrient Management $549,062
9Hedgerow Planting $516,441
10Range Planting $501,449
11Prescribed Grazing $489,742
12Forage and Biomass Planting $302,018
13Upland Wildlife Habitat Management $278,470
14Res. & Tillage Mgt- Mulch-till $227,544
15Conservation Cover $146,722
16Riparian Herbaceous Cover $97,761
17Residue & Tillage Management-No Till/Strip Till (Ac.) $80,847
18Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment $44,606
19Conservation Crop Rotation $6,650
20Vegetative Barrier $5,832
21Grassed Waterway $1,054
22Field Border $645
23Windbreak/Shelterbelt Renovation $379
24Filter Strip $197
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 Total Climate Smart EQIP payments, 2017-2020$16,307,813
NRCS climate smart practice.

EQIP payments by county, 2017-2021

RankStateEQIP Payments, 2017-2020
1Tulare County, California$29,809,405
2San Joaquin County, California$25,169,977
3Fresno County, California$22,389,010
4Merced County, California$13,519,373
5Stanislaus County, California$13,168,215
6Madera County, California$13,123,701
7Kern County, California$11,279,635
8Sutter County, California$9,769,604
9Mariposa County, California$9,226,018
10Modoc County, California$7,123,004
11Kings County, California$6,353,752
12Butte County, California$5,370,827
13Colusa County, California$4,618,943
14Humboldt County, California$4,571,834
15Imperial County, California$3,986,320
16San Bernardino County, California$3,631,894
17Siskiyou County, California$3,312,346
18Riverside County, California$3,262,145
19Nevada County, California$3,081,670
20Solano County, California$2,404,415
21Sacramento County, California$2,381,871
22Yolo County, California$2,364,180
23Monterey County, California$2,039,978
24San Luis Obispo County, California$2,028,285
25Sonoma County, California$1,821,884
26Lassen County, California$1,695,875
27Shasta County, California$1,601,266
28Mendocino County, California$1,489,049
29Placer County, California$1,291,116
30Lake County, California$1,161,308
31Ventura County, California$1,133,359
32Glenn County, California$1,129,393
33Tehama County, California$1,049,716
34San Diego County, California$1,030,653
35El Dorado County, California$733,435
36Calaveras County, California$722,383
37Marin County, California$718,699
38Santa Barbara County, California$639,269
39Tuolumne County, California$628,377
40Contra Costa County, California$580,617
41Alameda County, California$457,212
42Santa Cruz County, California$445,791
43San Benito County, California$356,639
44Los Angeles County, California$323,653
45Yuba County, California$283,934
46Trinity County, California$264,796
47Amador County, California$242,555
48Sierra County, California$206,795
49Alpine County, California$114,682
50Plumas County, California$102,393
51Mono County, California$101,986
52San Mateo County, California$59,639
53Inyo County, California$55,856
54Del Norte County, California$42,760
55Napa County, California$30,943
56Santa Clara County, California$1,347
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for California, 2017

Land in California, 2017

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:70,521
Total Acres in Farms:24,522,801
Cropland Acres:9,597,439
Permanent pasture and rangeland:11,606,249
Woodland Acres:1,847,551

Livestock in California, 2017

LivestockNumber of Animals
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold288,000,313
Layers inventory 14,194,957
Cattle and calves inventory5,185,593
Sheep and lambs inventory475,291
Hogs and pigs inventory96,456

Crops in California, 2017


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