EQIP in New Mexico

New Mexico

Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) in New Mexico

EQIP payments by fiscal year in New Mexico

EQIP payments by county, 2017-2020

Practices on EQIP acres, 2017-2020, New Mexico

1Sprinkler System$11,234,330
2Brush Management$10,284,402
3Conservation Crop Rotation $7,328,284
4Forest Stand Improvement$6,468,253
5Irrigation Pipeline$5,947,114
6Livestock Pipeline$5,637,251
8Watering Facility$5,211,649
9Irrigation System- Microirrigation$4,934,631
10Pumping Plant$2,470,438
11Structure for Water Control$2,289,339
12Forage and Biomass Planting $2,049,565
13Water Well$2,003,192
14Prescribed Grazing $1,720,836
15Range Planting $1,714,924
16Irrigation Ditch Lining$1,216,455
17Irrigation Land Leveling$957,581
18Cover Crop $774,036
19High Tunnel System$766,121
20Conservation Cover $574,025
21Woody Residue Treatment$537,735
22Restoration of Rare or Declining Natural Communities$277,710
24Irrigation Reservoir$228,134
25Fuel Break$215,214
27Pond Sealing or Lining- Flexible Membrane$177,416
28Irrigation System- Surface and Subsurface$146,857
29Residue & Tillage Management-No Till/Strip Till (Ac.) $145,615
31Upland Wildlife Habitat Management $108,906
32Waste Storage Facility$106,288
33Seasonal High Tunnel for Crops$85,507
34Grade Stabilization Structure$84,159
35Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment $81,521
36Land Smoothing$57,432
37Solid/Liquid Waste Separation Facility $54,494
38Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan$51,754
39Obstruction Removal$51,102
40Erroneous Underpayment$50,646
41Trails and Walkways$48,559
42Spring Development$38,009
43Judicial or NAD Payment$37,333
44Pond Sealing or Lining- Bentonite Sealant$29,250
45Irrigation Water Management $27,624
46Waste Transfer$24,037
47Dam- Diversion$19,471
48Nutrient Management $17,718
49Hedgerow Planting $15,499
50Herbaceous Weed Treatment$12,164
51Tree & Shrub Establishment $10,081
52Grazing Land Mechanical Treatment$8,647
53Pest Management Conservation System$8,388
54Streambank and Shoreline Protection$7,637
55Equitable Relief Payment$7,406
56Water Harvesting Catchment$6,834
57Mulching $3,855
58Roof Runoff Structure$3,124
59Structures for Wildlife$2,922
60Sediment Basin$2,794
62Forest Management Plan$1,607
63Prescribed Burning$1,205
64Forage Harvest Management$1,058
65Res. & Tillage Mgt- Mulch-till $917
66Field Border $729
67Filter Strip $235
68Herbaceous Wind Barriers $162
69Critical Area Planting$49
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 Total Payments, 2017-202082,320,348
NRCS climate smart practice.

NCRS climate smart practices on EQIP acres, 2017-2020, New Mexico

1Conservation Crop Rotation $7,328,284
2Forage and Biomass Planting $2,049,565
3Prescribed Grazing $1,720,836
4Range Planting $1,714,924
5Cover Crop $774,036
6Conservation Cover $574,025
7Residue & Tillage Management-No Till/Strip Till (Ac.) $145,615
8Upland Wildlife Habitat Management $108,906
9Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment $81,521
10Solid/Liquid Waste Separation Facility $54,494
11Irrigation Water Management $27,624
12Nutrient Management $17,718
13Hedgerow Planting $15,499
14Tree & Shrub Establishment $10,081
15Mulching $3,855
16Res. & Tillage Mgt- Mulch-till $917
17Field Border $729
18Filter Strip $235
19Herbaceous Wind Barriers $162
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 Total Climate Smart EQIP payments, 2017-2020$14,629,026
NRCS climate smart practice.

EQIP payments by county, 2017-2021

RankStateEQIP Payments, 2017-2020
1Roosevelt County, New Mexico$5,678,441
2Quay County, New Mexico$3,450,189
3Chaves County, New Mexico$3,353,308
4Dona Ana County, New Mexico$3,064,923
5Mora County, New Mexico$2,927,935
6Lea County, New Mexico$2,909,598
7Curry County, New Mexico$1,997,013
8Torrance County, New Mexico$1,869,635
9Luna County, New Mexico$1,616,042
10Sierra County, New Mexico$1,510,096
11San Juan County, New Mexico$1,473,205
12Rio Arriba County, New Mexico$1,417,541
13Colfax County, New Mexico$1,199,401
14Catron County, New Mexico$1,048,849
15Lincoln County, New Mexico$1,021,546
16Guadalupe County, New Mexico$951,276
17Otero County, New Mexico$836,664
18DeBaca County, New Mexico$815,160
19Santa Fe County, New Mexico$671,458
20Hidalgo County, New Mexico$603,242
21Cibola County, New Mexico$600,479
22Socorro County, New Mexico$489,475
23McKinley County, New Mexico$466,393
24Union County, New Mexico$464,524
25Grant County, New Mexico$446,165
26Valencia County, New Mexico$393,563
27Harding County, New Mexico$320,669
28San Miguel County, New Mexico$289,762
29Sandoval County, New Mexico$263,213
30Bernalillo County, New Mexico$234,710
31Taos County, New Mexico$89,927
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for New Mexico, 2017

Land in New Mexico, 2017

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:25,044
Total Acres in Farms:40,659,836
Cropland Acres:1,825,827
Permanent pasture and rangeland:36,146,772
Woodland Acres:2,415,780

Livestock in New Mexico, 2017

LivestockNumber of Animals
Cattle and calves inventory1,498,731
Sheep and lambs inventory105,896
Layers inventory 102,020
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold4,144
Hogs and pigs inventory2,072

Crops in New Mexico, 2017


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