EQIP in Wyoming


Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) in Wyoming

EQIP payments by fiscal year in Wyoming

EQIP payments by county, 2017-2020

Practices on EQIP acres, 2017-2020, Wyoming

1Sprinkler System$10,140,006
2Irrigation Pipeline$5,123,156
3Prescribed Grazing $4,683,125
4Livestock Pipeline$2,853,907
5Pumping Plant$2,239,766
7Structure for Water Control$1,987,240
8Watering Facility$1,846,840
9Streambank and Shoreline Protection$1,487,036
10Water Well$1,116,226
11Forage Harvest Management$982,697
12Irrigation System- Surface and Subsurface$935,770
13Cover Crop $921,518
14Brush Management$661,471
15Herbaceous Weed Treatment$656,271
16Forage and Biomass Planting $422,687
17Forest Stand Improvement$398,286
18Obstruction Removal$396,943
19Waste Storage Facility$304,853
20Dam- Diversion$298,396
21Woody Residue Treatment$204,916
22On-Farm Secondary Containment Facility$198,916
23High Tunnel System$171,907
24Waste Transfer$151,732
25Res. & Tillage Mgt- Mulch-till $94,589
26Pest Management Conservation System$94,299
27Irrigation Water Management $91,419
28Irrigation Land Leveling$73,529
29Heavy Use Area Protection$73,332
30Mulching $69,607
31Pond Sealing or Lining- Compacted Clay Treatment$68,100
32Subsurface Drain$67,784
33Livestock Shelter Structure$60,328
34Structures for Wildlife$58,481
35Channel Bed Stabilization$57,925
37Residue & Tillage Management-No Till/Strip Till (Ac.) $45,067
38Irrigation System- Microirrigation$34,927
39Underground Outlet$34,832
40Range Planting $29,916
41Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan$29,101
42Sediment Basin$28,915
43Spring Development$24,504
44Well Decommissioning$23,794
45Precision Land Forming and Smoothing$20,729
46Irrigation Reservoir$18,284
47Equitable Relief Payment$17,521
48Land Smoothing$17,474
49Seasonal High Tunnel for Crops$16,852
50Conservation Cover $15,051
51Conservation Crop Rotation $14,420
52Nutrient Management $12,640
53Wetland Enhancement$12,281
54Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment $11,003
55Fuel Break$10,788
56Erroneous Underpayment$9,836
57Irrigation Ditch Lining$8,474
58Constructed Wetland$5,334
59Grazing Land Mechanical Treatment$5,162
61Lined Waterway or Outlet$3,057
62Irrigation Water Management Plan - Written$2,957
63Critical Area Planting$2,849
64Tree & Shrub Establishment $2,816
65Stream Habitat Improvement and Management$2,143
66Upland Wildlife Habitat Management $1,190
67Riparian Herbaceous Cover $702
68Open Channel$648
69Access Road$554
70Riparian Forest Buffer $335
71Tree/Shrub Site Preparation$87
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 Total Payments, 2017-202041,582,604
NRCS climate smart practice.

NCRS climate smart practices on EQIP acres, 2017-2020, Wyoming

1Prescribed Grazing $4,683,125
2Cover Crop $921,518
3Forage and Biomass Planting $422,687
4Res. & Tillage Mgt- Mulch-till $94,589
5Irrigation Water Management $91,419
6Mulching $69,607
7Residue & Tillage Management-No Till/Strip Till (Ac.) $45,067
8Range Planting $29,916
9Conservation Cover $15,051
10Conservation Crop Rotation $14,420
11Nutrient Management $12,640
12Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment $11,003
13Tree & Shrub Establishment $2,816
14Upland Wildlife Habitat Management $1,190
15Riparian Herbaceous Cover $702
16Riparian Forest Buffer $335
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 Total Climate Smart EQIP payments, 2017-2020$6,416,083
NRCS climate smart practice.

EQIP payments by county, 2017-2021

RankStateEQIP Payments, 2017-2020
1Big Horn County, Wyoming$4,659,066
2Fremont County, Wyoming$2,493,760
3Park County, Wyoming$1,881,988
4Sublette County, Wyoming$1,856,978
5Sheridan County, Wyoming$1,630,434
6Crook County, Wyoming$1,561,046
7Sweetwater County, Wyoming$1,466,588
8Lincoln County, Wyoming$1,450,664
9Johnson County, Wyoming$1,373,897
10Carbon County, Wyoming$1,246,634
11Washakie County, Wyoming$1,162,594
12Niobrara County, Wyoming$843,857
13Campbell County, Wyoming$830,801
14Converse County, Wyoming$590,412
15Laramie County, Wyoming$454,956
16Hot Springs County, Wyoming$427,369
17Natrona County, Wyoming$406,529
18Goshen County, Wyoming$275,898
19Weston County, Wyoming$258,093
20Platte County, Wyoming$148,369
21Albany County, Wyoming$77,016
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Wyoming, 2017

Land in Wyoming, 2017

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:11,938
Total Acres in Farms:29,004,884
Cropland Acres:2,587,456
Permanent pasture and rangeland:25,703,123
Woodland Acres:486,883

Livestock in Wyoming, 2017

LivestockNumber of Animals
Cattle and calves inventory1,308,867
Sheep and lambs inventory367,702
Hogs and pigs inventory89,780
Layers inventory 29,550
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold5,731

Crops in Wyoming, 2017


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