Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) in Washington

CRP payments by fiscal year in Washington

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CRP Acreage in Washington

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CRP by Practice in Washington, 2014

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CRP acreage in Washington, 2014

1Adams County, Washington199,356
2Douglas County, Washington180,159
3Whitman County, Washington168,678
4Lincoln County, Washington165,303
5Walla Walla County, Washington146,664
6Benton County, Washington107,162
7Franklin County, Washington100,213
8Grant County, Washington75,308
9Yakima County, Washington48,085
10Klickitat County, Washington46,426
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Washington, 2012

Land in Washington, 2012

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:37,249
Total Acres in Farms:14,748,107
Cropland Acres:7,526,742
Permanent pasture and rangeland:4,518,550
Woodland Acres:2,139,141
Farmsteads, homes, buildings, facilities, ponds, roads, wasteland, etc. Acres:563,674

Livestock in Washington, 2012

LivestockNumber of Animals
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold28,252,490
Layers inventory 7,236,128
Cattle and calves inventory1,162,792
Sheep and lambs inventory44,863
Hogs and pigs inventory19,861

Crops in Washington, 2012


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