Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) in New Jersey

CSP payments by fiscal year in New Jersey

CSP payments by county, 2017-2020

Practices and enhancements on CSP acres, 2017-2020, New Jersey

1Cropland Annual Payment$882,901
2Pasture Annual Payment$48,175
3Non-Industrial Private Forest Land Annual Payment$33,081
5Associated Ag Land$4,278
6Reduce ozone precursor emissions related to pesticides by utilizing IPM PAMS techniques$4,201
7Existing Activity Payment-Resource Concern$4,200
8Enhanced field borders to increase carbon storage along the edge(s) of the field$4,076
9Pastured Cropland Annual Payment$3,356
10Minimum Payment Adjustment$2,198
11Brush Management$1,432
12Existing Activity Payment-Land Use$1,151
13Harvest of crops (hay or small grains) using measures that allow desired species to flush or escape$912
14Cover Crop $716
15Controlled traffic farming to reduce compaction$534
16Pasture and Hay Planting $489
17Early Successional Habitat Development-Mgt$415
18Controlled Traffic Farming$414
19Use of multi-species cover crops to improve soil health and increase soil organic matter$325
20Forest Stand Improvement$150
21On-Farm Secondary Containment Facility$145
22Maintaining and improving forest soil quality$71
23Conservation cover to provide food habitat for pollinators and beneficial insects$34
24Upland Wildlife Habitat Management $30
25Critical Area Planting$27
26Herbaceous weed control (plant pest pressures) for desired plant communities/habitats$10
27Herbaceous Weed Treatment$9
28Mulching to improve soil health$6
29Cover crop to reduce water erosion$5
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 Total Payments, 2017-20201,006,754
NRCS climate smart practice: The list of NRCS climate smart CSP enhancements were not funded until 2020, so their total spending between 2017 and 2020 is small. However, CSP practices that have EQIP codes, like code 340 for cover crops, were funded before 2020. Payments for NRCS climate smart CSP enhancements are likely to be larger after 2020.

NCRS climate smart practices on CSP acres, 2017-2020, New Jersey

1Cover Crop $716
2Pasture and Hay Planting $489
3Upland Wildlife Habitat Management $30
 Total Climate Smart CSP payments, 2017-2020$1,235
NRCS climate smart practice.

CSP payments by county, 2017-2021

RankStateCSP Payments, 2017-2020
1Salem County, New Jersey$351,802
2Cumberland County, New Jersey$133,055
3Hunterdon County, New Jersey$78,205
4Warren County, New Jersey$42,294
5Gloucester County, New Jersey$34,806
6Somerset County, New Jersey$26,606
7Mercer County, New Jersey$15,589
8Atlantic County, New Jersey$12,419
9Morris County, New Jersey$5,028
10Sussex County, New Jersey$4,346
11Burlington County, New Jersey$3,137
12Middlesex County, New Jersey$442
13Monmouth County, New Jersey$128
14Ocean County, New Jersey$0
15Passaic County, New Jersey$0
16Cape May County, New Jersey$0
17Camden County, New Jersey$0
18Bergen County, New Jersey$0
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for New Jersey, 2017

Land in New Jersey, 2017

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:9,883
Total Acres in Farms:734,084
Cropland Acres:463,019
Permanent pasture and rangeland:63,995
Woodland Acres:145,302

Livestock in New Jersey, 2017

LivestockNumber of Animals
Layers inventory 1,631,775
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold217,559
Cattle and calves inventory27,789
Sheep and lambs inventory17,791
Hogs and pigs inventory9,017

Crops in New Jersey, 2017


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