Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) in Texas

CSP payments by fiscal year in Texas

CSP payments by county, 2017-2020

Practices and enhancements on CSP acres, 2017-2020, Texas

1Cropland Annual Payment$42,316,015
2Rangeland Annual Payment$40,756,771
3Pasture Annual Payment$17,753,330
4Pastured Cropland Annual Payment$3,522,316
5Prescribed grazing that improves or maintains riparian and watershed function-erosion$1,275,217
6Non-Industrial Private Forest Land Annual Payment$1,054,702
7Controlled traffic farming to reduce compaction$702,741
8Reduce risk of pesticides in surface water by utilizing precision pesticide application techniques$669,154
9Grazing management for improving quantity/quality of plant structure/composition for wildlife$619,255
10Herbaceous weed control for desired plant communities/habitats consistent with the ecological site$578,722
11Existing Activity Payment-Land Use$503,834
12Herbaceous weed control (plant pest pressures) for desired plant communities/habitats$469,869
13Existing Activity Payment-Resource Concern$415,500
14Reduced tillage to increase soil health and soil organic matter content$401,676
15Improving nutrient uptake efficiency and reducing risk of nutrient losses to surface water$336,019
16Reduce ozone precursor emissions related to pesticides by utilizing IPM PAMS techniques$294,066
17Improved grazing management for plant productivity/health through monitoring$277,196
19Maintaining quantity and quality of forage for animal health and productivity$271,417
20Incorporating wildlife refuge areas in contingency plans for wildlife food$254,836
21Advanced IWM--Soil moisture is monitored- recorded- and used in decision making$253,924
22Minimum Payment Adjustment$221,089
23Reduce risk of pesticides in surface water by utilizing IPM PAMS techniques$184,913
24Improved grazing mgmt for plant productivity/health through monitoring$176,224
25Upland Wildlife Habitat Management $145,480
26Prescribed grazing that maintains/improves riparian/watershed function impairment from nutrients$139,731
27Improving nutrient uptake efficiency and reducing risk of nutrient losses to groundwater$139,424
28Associated Ag Land$128,762
29Improved grazing management for soil compaction on rangeland through monitoring activities$126,171
30Prescribed grazing that improves or maintains riparian/watershed function-elevated water temperature$119,034
31Pest Management Conservation System$107,213
32Reduced tillage to reduce energy use$102,963
33Reduced tillage to reduce wind erosion$102,099
34Increase riparian forest buffer width to enhance wildlife habitat$92,797
35Incorporating wildlife refuge areas in contingency plans for prescribed grazing-cover/shelter$71,896
36Improved grazing management for plant structure and composition through monitoring activities$71,523
37Advanced Automated IWM - Year 1 - Equipment and soil moisture is monitored- recorded and used in dec$70,942
38Close structures to capture/retain rainfall to improve food for waterfowl/wading birds during winter$65,703
39Grazing management that improves Monarch butterfly habitat$56,368
40Improved grazing management for water erosion through monitoring activities$56,339
41Herbaceous Weed Treatment$54,014
42Grazing management that protects sensitive areas-ground water from nutrients$53,133
43Snags- den trees- and coarse woody debris for wildlife habitat$52,554
44Stockpiling cool season forage to improve plant productivity and health$51,584
45Grazing management that protects sensitive areas from gully erosion$49,836
46Harvest of crops (hay or small grains) using measures that allow desired species to flush or escape$48,861
47Improved grazing management that reduces undesirable plant pest pressure through monitoring$48,365
48Road/Trail/Landing Closure and Treatment$44,540
49Short-interval burn$44,423
50Fishpond management for native aquatic and terrestrial species$40,880
51Reduced tillage to increase plant-available moisture: moisture management$40,862
52Incorporating wildlife refuge areas in contingency plans for wildlife.$40,365
53Tree/shrub planting for wildlife food$37,791
54Brush management that maintains or enhances wildlife or fish habitat$34,025
55Prescribed grazing that maintains/improves riparian/watershed function-min sediment in surface water$32,984
56No till to reduce water erosion$31,433
57Improving nutrient uptake efficiency and reducing risks to air quality - emissions of GHGs$31,183
58Forage plantings that can help increase organic matter in depleted soils$28,394
59Prescribed grazing that improves or maintains riparian and watershed function-erosion $28,394
60Prescribed grazing that maintains/improves riparian/watershed function-pathogens/chemicals$27,040
61Sequential patch burning$26,602
62Enhanced field border to provide wildlife habitat continuity along the edge(s) of a field$24,702
63Incorporating wildlife friendly fencing for connectivity of wildlife food resources$23,822
64Use of multi-species cover crops to improve soil health and increase soil organic matter$23,191
65Enhanced field border to provide wildlife food for pollinators along the edge(s) of a field$22,388
66Conservation Cover $22,157
67Increase riparian forest buffer width to reduce sediment loading$22,103
68Grazing management that protects sensitive areas-surface water from nutrients$21,801
69Conservation cover to provide food habitat for pollinators and beneficial insects$20,762
70Grazing management for improving quantity and quality of cover and shelter for wildlife$20,608
71Crop tree management for mast production$18,362
72Reduce risks of nutrient losses to surface water by utilizing precision ag technologies$18,288
73Cover Crop $17,508
74Reduced tillage to reduce water erosion$17,427
75Modifications to improve soil health and increase soil organic matter$15,445
76Tree/shrub planting for wildlife cover$15,106
77Herbaceous weed control (inadequate structure and comp) for desired plant communities/habitats$14,825
78Cover crop to minimize soil compaction$14,709
79Stream crossing elimination$14,458
80Use of body condition scoring for livestock on a monthly basis to keep track of herd health$13,456
81Cover crop to reduce water erosion$13,379
82Manage livestock access to streams/ditches/other waterbodies to reduce nutrients in surface water$12,719
83Establish Monarch butterfly habitat$12,027
84Reduce forest density and manage understory along roads to limit wildfire risk$11,931
85Intensive cover cropping to increase soil health and soil organic matter content$11,317
86Prescribed Grazing $10,738
87Leave standing grain crops unharvested to benefit wildlife cover and shelter$10,577
88Enhanced field borders to increase carbon storage along the edge(s) of the field$10,227
89Brush Management$10,162
90Improved grazing management for soil compaction through monitoring activities$9,679
91Native grasses or legumes in forage base$8,836
92Nutrient Management $8,182
93Residue and Tillage Management- Reduced Till $8,008
94Range Planting $7,705
95Conservation cover to provide cover and shelter habitat for pollinators and beneficial insects$7,630
96Strategic patch burning for grazing distribution/wildlife habitat (undesirable plant pressure)$7,562
97Close structures to capture and retain rainfall to improve cover and shelter for birds during winter$6,601
98Range planting for increasing/maintaining organic matter$6,357
99Adding food-producing trees and shrubs to existing plantings$6,269
100Brush management for improved structure and composition$6,124
101Grazing management for improving quantity and quality of food or cover and shelter for wildlife $6,110
102No till to increase plant-available moisture: moisture management$6,037
103Maintaining and improving forest soil quality by limiting compaction$5,811
104Conservation Crop Rotation $5,806
105Leave standing grain crops unharvested to benefit wildlife food sources$5,494
106Grazing management that protects sensitive areas -surface or ground water from nutrients $5,297
107Grazing management that protects sensitive areas from gully erosion $5,168
108Forage harvest management that helps maintain or improve wildlife habitat (cover and shelter)$5,055
109Forage plantings that enhance bird habitat (cover and shelter)$4,872
110Strategically planned- patch burning for grazing distribution and wildlife habitat (fuel loading)$4,069
111Increase diversity in pine plantation monocultures$3,912
112Irrigation Water Management $3,574
113Native grasses or legumes in forage base to improve plant productivity and health$3,468
114Pasture and Hay Planting $3,463
115No till to reduce tillage induced particulate matter$3,246
116No till system to reduce wind erosion$3,090
117Create patch openings to enhance wildlife food sources and availability$2,994
118Enhanced field borders to reduce water induced erosion along the edge(s) of a field$2,924
119Resource conserving crop rotation to reduce water erosion$2,826
120Conservation cover to provide habitat continuity for pollinators and beneficial insects$2,718
121Establish pollinator and/or beneficial insect habitat continuity (space)$2,185
122Cover crop to suppress excessive weed pressures and break pest cycles$1,859
123Native grasses or legumes in forage base to improve plant community structure and composition$1,803
124Roof Runoff Structure$1,395
125Extend existing filter strip to reduce excess sediment in surface water$1,313
126Forage harvest management that helps maintain wildlife habitat continuity (space)$1,209
127Range planting for improving forage- browse- or cover for wildlife$974
128Prescribed Burning$878
129Resource conserving crop rotation to reduce wind erosion$838
130Cover crop to reduce water quality degradation by utilizing excess soil nutrients-surface water$803
131Enhanced field borders to reduce wind induced erosion along the windward side(s) of a field$756
133Cover crop to reduce wind erosion$652
135No till system to increase soil health and soil organic matter content$498
136Structure for Water Control$464
137Tree/Shrub Pruning$432
138Cropland conversion to grass-based agriculture to reduce wind erosion$408
139Soil health crop rotation$292
140Grazing management for improving quantity and quality of food for wildlife$250
141Establish pollinator and/or beneficial insect food habitat$231
142Complete pumping plant evaluation for all pumps on a farm.$226
143Structures for Wildlife$177
144Forage and biomass planting for water erosion to improve soil health$170
145Cropland conversion to grass-based agriculture to reduce water erosion$165
146Forage Harvest Management$145
147Critical Area Planting$123
148No till to reduce energy$120
149Resource conserving crop rotation to relieve plant pest pressure$115
150Heavy Use Area Protection$73
151Establish Monarch butterfly habitat in pastures$59
152Forest Stand Improvement$38
153Watering Facility$38
154Early Successional Habitat Development-Mgt$11
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 Total Payments, 2017-2020116,678,239
NRCS climate smart practice: The list of NRCS climate smart CSP enhancements were not funded until 2020, so their total spending between 2017 and 2020 is small. However, CSP practices that have EQIP codes, like code 340 for cover crops, were funded before 2020. Payments for NRCS climate smart CSP enhancements are likely to be larger after 2020.

NCRS climate smart practices on CSP acres, 2017-2020, Texas

1Upland Wildlife Habitat Management $145,480
2Prescribed grazing that improves or maintains riparian and watershed function-erosion $28,394
3Conservation Cover $22,157
4Cover Crop $17,508
5Prescribed Grazing $10,738
6Nutrient Management $8,182
7Residue and Tillage Management- Reduced Till $8,008
8Range Planting $7,705
9Grazing management for improving quantity and quality of food or cover and shelter for wildlife $6,110
10Conservation Crop Rotation $5,806
11Grazing management that protects sensitive areas -surface or ground water from nutrients $5,297
12Grazing management that protects sensitive areas from gully erosion $5,168
13Irrigation Water Management $3,574
14Pasture and Hay Planting $3,463
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 Total Climate Smart CSP payments, 2017-2020$277,589
NRCS climate smart practice.

CSP payments by county, 2017-2021

RankStateCSP Payments, 2017-2020
1Gaines County, Texas$23,282,383
2Bailey County, Texas$22,796,336
3Lamb County, Texas$22,283,133
4Deaf Smith County, Texas$20,919,844
5Swisher County, Texas$16,941,901
6Floyd County, Texas$16,071,562
7Hockley County, Texas$15,184,989
8Terry County, Texas$14,890,903
9Hale County, Texas$14,152,169
10Castro County, Texas$13,703,684
11Parmer County, Texas$12,991,867
12Dallam County, Texas$12,471,313
13Cochran County, Texas$11,242,631
14Dawson County, Texas$10,435,288
15Sherman County, Texas$9,179,167
16Yoakum County, Texas$8,426,873
17Randall County, Texas$8,377,822
18Martin County, Texas$8,106,351
19Dickens County, Texas$7,160,436
20Hall County, Texas$6,772,620
21Briscoe County, Texas$6,528,255
22Crosby County, Texas$6,161,822
23Lynn County, Texas$5,839,692
24Carson County, Texas$5,175,639
25Lubbock County, Texas$5,075,717
26Collingsworth County, Texas$4,813,917
27Hartley County, Texas$4,509,730
28Andrews County, Texas$4,458,615
29Howard County, Texas$4,346,385
30Mitchell County, Texas$4,215,013
31Lipscomb County, Texas$4,046,482
32Cottle County, Texas$4,029,897
33Motley County, Texas$3,999,299
34Childress County, Texas$3,832,548
35Fisher County, Texas$3,692,316
36Ochiltree County, Texas$3,650,653
37Scurry County, Texas$3,598,512
38Starr County, Texas$3,568,672
39Oldham County, Texas$3,439,935
40Wheeler County, Texas$3,368,509
41Hidalgo County, Texas$2,955,213
42Jones County, Texas$2,748,113
43Stonewall County, Texas$2,724,535
44Haskell County, Texas$2,499,405
45Kent County, Texas$2,448,166
46Garza County, Texas$2,430,564
47Moore County, Texas$2,427,876
48Donley County, Texas$2,306,537
49Gray County, Texas$2,112,047
50Armstrong County, Texas$2,020,612
51Runnels County, Texas$1,805,670
52Hansford County, Texas$1,755,226
53Hardeman County, Texas$1,713,800
54Nolan County, Texas$1,643,493
55Reeves County, Texas$1,580,164
56Midland County, Texas$1,504,614
57Pecos County, Texas$1,155,812
58Red River County, Texas$1,057,195
59Hemphill County, Texas$1,040,810
60Duval County, Texas$974,653
61Roberts County, Texas$971,898
62Foard County, Texas$888,858
63Concho County, Texas$840,791
64Taylor County, Texas$795,250
65Potter County, Texas$774,608
66King County, Texas$744,418
67Wilbarger County, Texas$714,765
68Knox County, Texas$700,662
69Lamar County, Texas$699,437
70Cameron County, Texas$665,422
71Jim Wells County, Texas$655,644
72Hill County, Texas$635,190
73Borden County, Texas$612,609
74Willacy County, Texas$536,997
75Glasscock County, Texas$449,574
76Jim Hogg County, Texas$418,574
77Frio County, Texas$338,673
78Uvalde County, Texas$334,397
79Hutchinson County, Texas$315,390
80Tom Green County, Texas$309,254
81Coleman County, Texas$290,684
82Zavala County, Texas$286,057
83Limestone County, Texas$208,749
84Presidio County, Texas$202,550
85Navarro County, Texas$194,998
86Fannin County, Texas$186,647
87Williamson County, Texas$184,871
88La Salle County, Texas$175,239
89Live Oak County, Texas$167,409
90Clay County, Texas$150,215
91Maverick County, Texas$149,893
92McCulloch County, Texas$147,416
93Fayette County, Texas$144,661
94Brooks County, Texas$143,069
95Medina County, Texas$139,849
96Hopkins County, Texas$135,444
97Grayson County, Texas$133,915
98Shackelford County, Texas$132,479
99Reagan County, Texas$131,258
100Ellis County, Texas$121,049
101Bowie County, Texas$117,781
102Crockett County, Texas$117,489
103Schleicher County, Texas$115,691
104Kleberg County, Texas$106,453
105Hudspeth County, Texas$98,701
106Ward County, Texas$96,905
107Callahan County, Texas$90,903
108Throckmorton County, Texas$85,472
109Nueces County, Texas$80,653
110Baylor County, Texas$80,614
111Angelina County, Texas$71,204
112Irion County, Texas$65,520
113Coke County, Texas$65,459
114Menard County, Texas$58,498
115Val Verde County, Texas$58,222
116Falls County, Texas$56,766
117Kenedy County, Texas$54,183
118Kinney County, Texas$53,776
119Atascosa County, Texas$53,725
120Delta County, Texas$52,997
121Edwards County, Texas$51,391
122Brewster County, Texas$48,485
123Hunt County, Texas$48,254
124Goliad County, Texas$46,348
125McLennan County, Texas$43,072
126Terrell County, Texas$38,012
127Trinity County, Texas$37,594
128Young County, Texas$35,060
129Victoria County, Texas$31,476
130Jack County, Texas$31,326
131Bosque County, Texas$28,554
132Bell County, Texas$28,457
133Hamilton County, Texas$26,867
134Dimmit County, Texas$25,125
135Montague County, Texas$23,427
136Washington County, Texas$23,312
137Houston County, Texas$22,905
138Rusk County, Texas$22,276
139Culberson County, Texas$21,223
140Upton County, Texas$20,138
141Eastland County, Texas$20,031
142Jackson County, Texas$19,034
143Brown County, Texas$18,769
144Llano County, Texas$18,449
145Colorado County, Texas$18,001
146Comanche County, Texas$17,571
147Kimble County, Texas$14,966
148Panola County, Texas$14,566
149Mason County, Texas$14,101
150Stephens County, Texas$13,235
151Sutton County, Texas$13,103
152Mills County, Texas$12,926
153Jeff Davis County, Texas$12,799
154Archer County, Texas$12,242
155Gillespie County, Texas$11,482
156Wichita County, Texas$9,798
157Gonzales County, Texas$9,406
158Caldwell County, Texas$9,384
159Kaufman County, Texas$8,761
160Bastrop County, Texas$8,408
161Crane County, Texas$7,832
162Karnes County, Texas$7,332
163Milam County, Texas$6,835
164Real County, Texas$6,570
165Bandera County, Texas$6,086
166Lavaca County, Texas$5,921
167Parker County, Texas$5,403
168Kendall County, Texas$5,296
169San Patricio County, Texas$5,018
170Calhoun County, Texas$4,962
171Robertson County, Texas$4,937
172Smith County, Texas$4,716
173Bee County, Texas$4,643
174Collin County, Texas$4,538
175Lampasas County, Texas$3,828
176San Saba County, Texas$3,250
177Austin County, Texas$3,072
178Cherokee County, Texas$2,946
179Wharton County, Texas$2,912
180Hays County, Texas$2,829
181Burnet County, Texas$2,526
182Refugio County, Texas$788
183Kerr County, Texas$574
184Coryell County, Texas$280
185Anderson County, Texas$0
186Aransas County, Texas$0
187Bexar County, Texas$0
188Blanco County, Texas$0
189Brazoria County, Texas$0
190Brazos County, Texas$0
191Burleson County, Texas$0
192Camp County, Texas$0
193Cass County, Texas$0
194Chambers County, Texas$0
195Comal County, Texas$0
196Cooke County, Texas$0
197Dallas County, Texas$0
198Denton County, Texas$0
199DeWitt County, Texas$0
200Ector County, Texas$0
201El Paso County, Texas$0
202Erath County, Texas$0
203Fort Bend County, Texas$0
204Franklin County, Texas$0
205Freestone County, Texas$0
206Galveston County, Texas$0
207Gregg County, Texas$0
208Grimes County, Texas$0
209Guadalupe County, Texas$0
210Hardin County, Texas$0
211Harris County, Texas$0
212Harrison County, Texas$0
213Henderson County, Texas$0
214Hood County, Texas$0
215Jasper County, Texas$0
216Jefferson County, Texas$0
217Johnson County, Texas$0
218Lee County, Texas$0
219Leon County, Texas$0
220Liberty County, Texas$0
221Loving County, Texas$0
222McMullen County, Texas$0
223Madison County, Texas$0
224Marion County, Texas$0
225Matagorda County, Texas$0
226Montgomery County, Texas$0
227Morris County, Texas$0
228Nacogdoches County, Texas$0
229Newton County, Texas$0
230Orange County, Texas$0
231Palo Pinto County, Texas$0
232Polk County, Texas$0
233Rains County, Texas$0
234Rockwall County, Texas$0
235Sabine County, Texas$0
236San Augustine County, Texas$0
237San Jacinto County, Texas$0
238Shelby County, Texas$0
239Somervell County, Texas$0
240Sterling County, Texas$0
241Tarrant County, Texas$0
242Titus County, Texas$0
243Travis County, Texas$0
244Tyler County, Texas$0
245Upshur County, Texas$0
246Van Zandt County, Texas$0
247Walker County, Texas$0
248Waller County, Texas$0
249Webb County, Texas$0
250Wilson County, Texas$0
251Winkler County, Texas$0
252Wise County, Texas$0
253Wood County, Texas$0
254Zapata County, Texas$0
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Texas, 2017

Land in Texas, 2017

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:248,416
Total Acres in Farms:127,036,184
Cropland Acres:29,360,229
Permanent pasture and rangeland:87,913,721
Woodland Acres:7,277,187

Livestock in Texas, 2017

LivestockNumber of Animals
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold619,061,221
Layers inventory 21,006,254
Cattle and calves inventory12,573,876
Hogs and pigs inventory1,026,418
Sheep and lambs inventory729,438

Crops in Texas, 2017


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