Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) in Texas

The state-level CSP data only includes practices that had more than four contracts in a state for a particular year. Because of this, the data contained within the state pages will not sum up to the total payments by practice on the national page.

CSP payments by fiscal year in Texas

CSP payments by county, 2017-2022

Practices and enhancements on CSP acres, 2017-2022, Texas

1Cropland Annual Payment$49,038,597
2Rangeland Annual Payment$44,475,236
3Pasture Annual Payment$20,349,966
4Pastured Cropland Annual Payment$3,661,562
5Existing Activity Payment-Land Use$2,497,066
6Prescribed grazing that improves or maintains riparian and watershed function-erosion$2,225,390
7Existing Activity Payment-Resource Concern$1,484,609
8Reduce risk of pesticides in surface water by utilizing precision pesticide application techniques$1,437,588
9Non-Industrial Private Forest Land Annual Payment$1,222,488
10Controlled traffic farming to reduce compaction$1,003,076
11Grazing management for improving quantity/quality of plant structure/composition for wildlife$876,906
12Herbaceous weed control for desired plant communities/habitats consistent with the ecological site$685,400
13Reduce ozone precursor emissions related to pesticides by utilizing IPM PAMS techniques$649,014
14Reduced tillage to increase soil health and soil organic matter content$636,694
15Improving nutrient uptake efficiency and reducing risk of nutrient losses to surface water$594,446
16Herbaceous weed control (plant pest pressures) for desired plant communities/habitats$582,320
17Improved grazing management for plant productivity/health through monitoring$459,708
19Reduce risk of pesticides in surface water by utilizing IPM PAMS techniques$396,088
20Incorporating wildlife refuge areas in contingency plans for wildlife food$390,240
21Prescribed grazing that maintains/improves riparian/watershed function impairment from nutrients$378,403
22Maintaining quantity and quality of forage for animal health and productivity$358,084
23Eliminate use of chemical treatments to control pests and to increase the presence of dung beetles$317,260
24Improved grazing management for soil compaction on rangeland through monitoring activities$282,270
25Incorporating wildlife refuge areas in contingency plans for wildlife.$256,961
26Advanced IWM--Soil moisture is monitored- recorded- and used in decision making$252,607
27Improving nutrient uptake efficiency and reducing risk of nutrient losses to groundwater$251,846
28Minimum Payment Adjustment$241,151
29Prescribed grazing that improves or maintains riparian and watershed function-erosion $232,486
30Reduced tillage to reduce wind erosion$229,895
31Associated Ag Land$210,563
32Upland Wildlife Habitat Management$176,421
33Close structures to capture/retain rainfall to improve food for waterfowl/wading birds during winter$171,537
34Pest Management Conservation System$155,152
35Reduced tillage to reduce energy use$136,599
36Improved grazing mgmt for plant productivity/health through monitoring$133,642
37Stockpiling cool season forage to improve plant productivity and health$129,244
38Incorporating wildlife refuge areas in contingency plans for prescribed grazing-cover/shelter$125,814
39Prescribed grazing that improves or maintains riparian/watershed function-elevated water temperature$119,034
40Use of body condition scoring for livestock on a monthly basis to keep track of herd health$90,155
41Harvest of crops (hay or small grains) using measures that allow desired species to flush or escape$89,647
42Herbaceous Weed Treatment $85,359
43Grazing management that protects sensitive areas from gully erosion$80,342
44Close structures to capture and retain rainfall to improve cover and shelter for birds during winter$79,155
45Grazing management that protects sensitive areas-ground water from nutrients$70,296
46Reduce risk of pesticides in water and air by utilizing IPM PAMS techniques$69,813
47Prescribed Grazing $65,383
48Use of multi-species cover crops to improve soil health and increase soil organic matter$59,662
49Improved grazing management through monitoring activities $57,862
50Prescribed grazing that maintains/improves riparian/watershed function-min sediment in surface water$53,183
51Improving nutrient uptake efficiency and reducing risk of nutrient losses $45,468
52Snags- den trees- and coarse woody debris for wildlife habitat$43,893
53Nutrient Management $43,370
54Herbaceous weed treatment to create plant communities consistent with the ecological site $36,261
55Short-interval burn$31,964
56Grazing management for improving quantity and quality of cover and shelter for wildlife$30,664
57Grazing management that protects sensitive areas-surface water from nutrients$29,195
58Conservation cover for pollinators and beneficial insects $28,926
59Forage plantings that can help increase organic matter in depleted soils$28,157
60Improving nutrient uptake efficiency and reducing risks to air quality - emissions of GHGs$27,830
61Reduced tillage to reduce water erosion$27,115
62Reduce risk of pesticides in surface water by utilizing precision pesticide application techniques$26,234
63Increase riparian forest buffer width to enhance wildlife habitat$23,729
64Cover Crop $23,143
65Sequential patch burning$22,859
66Conservation Cover $22,382
67Conservation cover to provide food habitat for pollinators and beneficial insects$21,600
68Conservation cover to provide cover and shelter habitat for pollinators and beneficial insects$17,028
69Leave standing grain crops unharvested to benefit wildlife cover and shelter$15,919
70Cover crop to minimize soil compaction$12,162
71Strategically planned- patch burning for grazing distribution and wildlife habitat (fuel loading)$9,562
72Brush Management $9,496
73Cover crop to suppress excessive weed pressures and break pest cycles$9,235
74Herbaceous weed control (inadequate structure and comp) for desired plant communities/habitats$8,886
75No till to increase plant-available moisture: moisture management$6,144
76Manipulate vegetation on fields where rainfall is to be captured and retained-food$6,134
77Strategic patch burning for grazing distribution/wildlife habitat (undesirable plant pressure)$5,888
78Leave standing grain crops unharvested to benefit wildlife food sources$5,409
79Road/Trail/Landing Closure and Treatment$4,039
80Brush management for improved structure and composition$3,804
81Forage harvest management that helps maintain or improve wildlife habitat (cover and shelter)$2,371
82Prescribed Burning $878
83Grazing management for improving quantity and quality of food for wildlife$231
84Structures for Wildlife$177
85Forest Stand Improvement $38
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 Total Payments, 2017-2022138,655,832

NRCS 2024 climate smart practice.
NRCS 2024 provisional climate smart practice.

NCRS climate smart practices on CSP acres, 2017-2022, Texas

1Prescribed grazing that improves or maintains riparian and watershed function-erosion $232,486
2Herbaceous Weed Treatment $85,359
3Prescribed Grazing $65,383
4Improved grazing management through monitoring activities $57,862
5Improving nutrient uptake efficiency and reducing risk of nutrient losses $45,468
6Nutrient Management $43,370
7Herbaceous weed treatment to create plant communities consistent with the ecological site $36,261
8Conservation cover for pollinators and beneficial insects $28,926
9Cover Crop $23,143
10Conservation Cover $22,382
11Brush Management $9,496
12Prescribed Burning $878
13Forest Stand Improvement $38
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 Total Climate Smart CSP payments, 2017-2022$651,052
 Climate Smart CSP payments, 2017-2022 $519,020
 Provisional Climate Smart CSP payments, 2017-2022 $132,032

NRCS 2024 climate smart practice.
NRCS 2024 provisional climate smart practice.

CSP payments by county, 2017-2022

RankStateCSP Payments, 2017-2022
1Gaines County, Texas$36,064,210
2Bailey County, Texas$34,469,530
3Lamb County, Texas$32,537,160
4Deaf Smith County, Texas$31,153,596
5Swisher County, Texas$24,038,225
6Floyd County, Texas$23,245,830
7Hockley County, Texas$22,641,194
8Terry County, Texas$22,365,645
9Hale County, Texas$19,958,371
10Castro County, Texas$19,718,486
11Parmer County, Texas$18,781,611
12Dallam County, Texas$17,368,171
13Cochran County, Texas$16,306,102
14Dawson County, Texas$14,045,455
15Sherman County, Texas$12,639,759
16Yoakum County, Texas$12,635,440
17Randall County, Texas$11,933,115
18Martin County, Texas$11,883,142
19Dickens County, Texas$10,185,771
20Hall County, Texas$9,362,948
21Crosby County, Texas$8,971,862
22Briscoe County, Texas$8,732,481
23Lynn County, Texas$8,438,745
24Carson County, Texas$7,493,077
25Lubbock County, Texas$7,275,170
26Andrews County, Texas$7,046,640
27Collingsworth County, Texas$6,874,338
28Hartley County, Texas$6,393,618
29Howard County, Texas$6,006,913
30Mitchell County, Texas$5,983,681
31Motley County, Texas$5,892,009
32Cottle County, Texas$5,751,884
33Lipscomb County, Texas$5,710,229
34Childress County, Texas$5,380,875
35Ochiltree County, Texas$5,340,298
36Fisher County, Texas$5,295,636
37Scurry County, Texas$4,993,588
38Starr County, Texas$4,876,305
39Oldham County, Texas$4,729,964
40Wheeler County, Texas$4,538,750
41Hidalgo County, Texas$4,164,285
42Stonewall County, Texas$3,944,328
43Jones County, Texas$3,870,856
44Garza County, Texas$3,559,306
45Kent County, Texas$3,542,125
46Haskell County, Texas$3,371,580
47Moore County, Texas$3,355,947
48Donley County, Texas$3,339,792
49Gray County, Texas$2,983,963
50Armstrong County, Texas$2,916,029
51Runnels County, Texas$2,523,070
52Hardeman County, Texas$2,426,884
53Hansford County, Texas$2,385,840
54Midland County, Texas$2,359,589
55Reeves County, Texas$2,268,220
56Nolan County, Texas$2,233,548
57Hemphill County, Texas$1,605,194
58Pecos County, Texas$1,527,400
59Red River County, Texas$1,477,591
60Roberts County, Texas$1,472,902
61Duval County, Texas$1,346,944
62Foard County, Texas$1,260,132
63Concho County, Texas$1,201,802
64Potter County, Texas$1,158,817
65Taylor County, Texas$1,085,862
66Wilbarger County, Texas$995,972
67Lamar County, Texas$984,759
68King County, Texas$980,754
69Knox County, Texas$979,519
70Cameron County, Texas$932,469
71Borden County, Texas$931,979
72Jim Wells County, Texas$919,827
73Hill County, Texas$913,397
74Glasscock County, Texas$623,066
75Willacy County, Texas$612,013
76Hutchinson County, Texas$560,889
77Jim Hogg County, Texas$560,694
78Frio County, Texas$490,818
79Uvalde County, Texas$472,553
80Coleman County, Texas$382,290
81Tom Green County, Texas$377,228
82Zavala County, Texas$327,713
83Limestone County, Texas$279,090
84La Salle County, Texas$270,359
85Fannin County, Texas$266,968
86Williamson County, Texas$265,960
87Navarro County, Texas$252,194
88Live Oak County, Texas$248,412
89Presidio County, Texas$244,545
90McCulloch County, Texas$215,482
91Clay County, Texas$210,770
92Hopkins County, Texas$203,160
93Brooks County, Texas$201,760
94Maverick County, Texas$198,076
95Reagan County, Texas$198,006
96Grayson County, Texas$188,473
97Fayette County, Texas$183,856
98Medina County, Texas$174,733
99Shackelford County, Texas$173,054
100Ellis County, Texas$164,056
101Crockett County, Texas$155,620
102Hudspeth County, Texas$148,045
103Ward County, Texas$145,157
104Kleberg County, Texas$137,829
105Schleicher County, Texas$132,297
106Bowie County, Texas$130,353
107Callahan County, Texas$123,380
108Nueces County, Texas$119,856
109Baylor County, Texas$100,311
110Throckmorton County, Texas$98,371
111Irion County, Texas$94,794
112Coke County, Texas$93,076
113Kenedy County, Texas$82,251
114Falls County, Texas$81,348
115Angelina County, Texas$81,083
116Delta County, Texas$77,132
117Menard County, Texas$76,131
118Kinney County, Texas$72,938
119Val Verde County, Texas$70,777
120Goliad County, Texas$63,089
121Atascosa County, Texas$60,737
122McLennan County, Texas$60,622
123Jack County, Texas$58,136
124Hunt County, Texas$57,767
125Terrell County, Texas$57,018
126Montague County, Texas$54,513
127Edwards County, Texas$52,682
128Brewster County, Texas$49,777
129Young County, Texas$45,959
130Bosque County, Texas$42,830
131Victoria County, Texas$41,924
132Bell County, Texas$41,076
133Trinity County, Texas$40,261
134Washington County, Texas$34,713
135Dimmit County, Texas$34,353
136Rusk County, Texas$33,413
137Hamilton County, Texas$32,526
138Upton County, Texas$32,251
139Culberson County, Texas$31,835
140Brown County, Texas$26,522
141Eastland County, Texas$25,026
142Houston County, Texas$24,909
143Jackson County, Texas$24,198
144Colorado County, Texas$22,482
145Mills County, Texas$21,786
146Llano County, Texas$20,908
147Gonzales County, Texas$18,812
148Comanche County, Texas$18,350
149Mason County, Texas$18,038
150Kimble County, Texas$17,945
151Archer County, Texas$17,091
152Stephens County, Texas$16,677
153Sutton County, Texas$15,695
154Panola County, Texas$14,566
155Gillespie County, Texas$13,174
156Wichita County, Texas$13,065
157Jeff Davis County, Texas$12,799
158Karnes County, Texas$12,662
159Caldwell County, Texas$11,725
160Bastrop County, Texas$11,289
161Kaufman County, Texas$10,952
162Robertson County, Texas$10,065
163Crane County, Texas$9,511
164Calhoun County, Texas$8,268
165Lavaca County, Texas$8,220
166Milam County, Texas$7,750
167Real County, Texas$7,439
168Smith County, Texas$7,075
169Bee County, Texas$6,965
170Bandera County, Texas$6,632
171Collin County, Texas$6,330
172San Saba County, Texas$5,859
173Kendall County, Texas$5,584
174San Patricio County, Texas$5,018
175Austin County, Texas$4,610
176Hays County, Texas$4,246
177Cherokee County, Texas$3,831
178Burnet County, Texas$3,366
179Lampasas County, Texas$3,190
180Wharton County, Texas$2,913
181Kerr County, Texas$575
182Nacogdoches County, Texas$213
183Anderson County, Texas$0
184Aransas County, Texas$0
185Bexar County, Texas$0
186Blanco County, Texas$0
187Brazoria County, Texas$0
188Brazos County, Texas$0
189Burleson County, Texas$0
190Camp County, Texas$0
191Cass County, Texas$0
192Chambers County, Texas$0
193Comal County, Texas$0
194Cooke County, Texas$0
195Coryell County, Texas$0
196Dallas County, Texas$0
197Denton County, Texas$0
198DeWitt County, Texas$0
199Ector County, Texas$0
200El Paso County, Texas$0
201Erath County, Texas$0
202Fort Bend County, Texas$0
203Franklin County, Texas$0
204Freestone County, Texas$0
205Galveston County, Texas$0
206Gregg County, Texas$0
207Grimes County, Texas$0
208Guadalupe County, Texas$0
209Hardin County, Texas$0
210Harris County, Texas$0
211Harrison County, Texas$0
212Henderson County, Texas$0
213Hood County, Texas$0
214Jasper County, Texas$0
215Jefferson County, Texas$0
216Johnson County, Texas$0
217Lee County, Texas$0
218Leon County, Texas$0
219Liberty County, Texas$0
220Loving County, Texas$0
221McMullen County, Texas$0
222Madison County, Texas$0
223Marion County, Texas$0
224Matagorda County, Texas$0
225Montgomery County, Texas$0
226Morris County, Texas$0
227Newton County, Texas$0
228Orange County, Texas$0
229Palo Pinto County, Texas$0
230Parker County, Texas$0
231Polk County, Texas$0
232Rains County, Texas$0
233Refugio County, Texas$0
234Rockwall County, Texas$0
235Sabine County, Texas$0
236San Augustine County, Texas$0
237San Jacinto County, Texas$0
238Shelby County, Texas$0
239Somervell County, Texas$0
240Sterling County, Texas$0
241Tarrant County, Texas$0
242Titus County, Texas$0
243Travis County, Texas$0
244Tyler County, Texas$0
245Upshur County, Texas$0
246Van Zandt County, Texas$0
247Walker County, Texas$0
248Waller County, Texas$0
249Webb County, Texas$0
250Wilson County, Texas$0
251Winkler County, Texas$0
252Wise County, Texas$0
253Wood County, Texas$0
254Zapata County, Texas$0
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The state-level CSP data only includes practices that had more than four contracts in a state for a particular year. Because of this, the data contained within the state pages will not sum up to the total payments by practice on the national page.


USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Texas, 2022

Land in Texas, 2022

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:230,662
Total Acres in Farms:125,471,325
Cropland Acres:27,903,626
Permanent pasture and rangeland:88,472,861
Woodland Acres:6,624,943

Livestock in Texas, 2022

LivestockNumber of Animals
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold709,585,824
Layers inventory 24,478,507
Cattle and calves inventory12,543,300
Hogs and pigs inventory1,188,820
Sheep and lambs inventory612,917

Crops in Texas, 2022


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