EQIP in The United States

The United States

Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) in the United States

EQIP payments by fiscal year in the United States

EQIP payments by state, 2017-2022

Practices on EQIP acres, 2017-2022, the United States

1Cover Crop $504,812,892
2Brush Management $314,991,152
3Sprinkler System $313,561,007
5Waste Storage Facility $252,142,865
6Irrigation Pipeline $230,101,825
7Roofs and Covers $228,568,531
8Irrigation System- Microirrigation $175,194,972
9Livestock Pipeline$162,365,526
10Forest Stand Improvement $159,735,684
11Forage and Biomass Planting $139,812,458
12Heavy Use Area Protection$128,126,390
13Combustion System Improvement $127,321,059
14Tree & Shrub Establishment $118,064,737
15Pumping Plant $114,617,827
16Watering Facility$112,780,394
17High Tunnel System$110,995,478
18Nutrient Management $81,586,438
19Water Well$80,280,437
20Prescribed Grazing $77,459,321
21Underground Outlet$75,347,920
22Tree/Shrub Site Preparation$74,901,646
23Structure for Water Control$70,996,385
25Grade Stabilization Structure$63,507,222
26Range Planting $60,883,284
27Energy Efficient Agricultural Operation $58,300,881
28Irrigation Land Leveling$57,403,380
29Woody Residue Treatment $56,021,803
30Streambank and Shoreline Protection$55,715,214
31Animal Mortality Facility$54,270,302
32Herbaceous Weed Treatment $51,465,500
33Conservation Crop Rotation $49,543,213
34Energy Efficient Building Envelope $44,563,115
35Irrigation Water Management $38,406,423
36Obstruction Removal$38,222,552
37Prescribed Burning $38,056,513
38Residue & Tillage Management-No Till/Strip Till (Ac.) $37,016,498
39Waste Transfer$35,335,917
40Conservation Cover $34,892,188
42Res. & Tillage Mgt- Mulch-till $28,131,937
44Access Road$25,705,044
45Mulching $25,700,071
46Water and Sediment Control Basin$24,610,557
47Grassed Waterway $24,548,815
48Stream Crossing$23,010,335
49Irrigation Reservoir$22,890,790
50Upland Wildlife Habitat Management$21,784,101
51Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan$21,491,465
52Trails and Walkways$20,977,150
53Forest Management Plan$19,854,007
54Waste Facility Closure$18,068,921
55Dike or Levee$17,822,484
56Early Successional Habitat Development-Mgt$15,184,642
57Subsurface Drain$15,015,410
58Precision Land Forming and Smoothing$13,374,958
59Restoration of Rare or Declining Natural Communities $13,121,110
60Pest Management Conservation System$13,027,881
61Wetland Wildlife Habitat Management$11,985,753
62Stream Habitat Improvement and Management$11,605,722
63Pond Sealing or Lining - Concrete$11,526,547
64Energy Efficient Lighting System $11,519,095
65Critical Area Planting $11,506,081
66Irrigation Ditch Lining$11,190,220
67Roof Runoff Structure$10,928,098
68Solid/Liquid Waste Separation Facility $10,042,322
69Irrigation System- Surface and Subsurface$9,837,349
70Aquatic Organism Passage$9,652,824
71Pond Sealing or Lining- Geomembrane or Geosynthetic Clay Liner$9,303,088
72Pond Sealing or Lining- Flexible Membrane$9,167,940
73Lined Waterway or Outlet$8,948,847
74Agrichemical Handling Facility$7,865,557
75Wildlife Habitat Planting $7,714,492
76Fuel Break $7,127,314
77Land Smoothing$6,866,182
78Amendments for Treatment of Agricultural Waste$6,861,417
79Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment $6,594,078
81Agricultural Energy Management Plan - Written$5,909,907
82Channel Bed Stabilization$5,150,207
83Anaerobic Digester $5,007,524
84Nutrient Management Plan - Written$4,926,569
85Tree/Shrub Pruning$4,864,285
86Forest Trails and Landings$4,403,306
87Waste Treatment$4,141,094
88Field Operations Emissions Reduction$3,805,863
89Emergency Animal Mortality Management$3,789,599
90Windbreak/Shelterbelt Renovation$3,551,133
91Forage Harvest Management$3,322,703
92Spring Development$3,308,418
93Riparian Forest Buffer $3,134,663
94Edge-of-Field Water Quality Monitoring-Data Collection and Evaluation$3,035,922
95Clearing and Snagging$2,812,087
96Structures for Wildlife$2,799,625
97Dust Control on Unpaved Roads and Surfaces$2,727,230
98Pond Sealing or Lining- Compacted Soil Treatment$2,635,690
99Irrigation and Drainage Tailwater Recovery$2,609,336
100Composting Facility $2,464,528
101On-Farm Secondary Containment Facility$2,453,776
102Access Control$2,387,860
103Hedgerow Planting $2,165,644
104Wetland Restoration $2,003,904
105Water Harvesting Catchment$1,966,955
106Pond Sealing or Lining- Compacted Clay Treatment$1,958,277
107Land Clearing$1,944,646
108Amending Soil Properties with Gypsum Products$1,877,264
109Silvopasture $1,830,957
110Field Border $1,773,821
111Conservation Plan Supporting Organic Transition$1,679,118
112Bivalve Aquaculture Gear and Biofouling Control$1,653,212
113Open Channel$1,480,316
114Well Decommissioning$1,416,525
115Irrigation Water Management Plan - Written$1,287,970
116Feral Swine Management Conservation Activity - Interim$1,194,955
117Vegetated Treatment Area$1,172,512
118Equitable Relief Payment$1,109,219
119Integrated Pest Management Plan - Written$1,091,123
120Grazing Land Mechanical Treatment$922,803
121Spoil Disposal$914,728
122Dam- Diversion$834,144
123Edge-of-Field Water Quality Monitoring– System Installation$757,115
124Shallow Water Development and Management$719,614
125Salinity and Sodic Soil Management$699,512
126Wetland Creation$696,984
127Other Payment$607,017
128Forest Farming $592,171
129Waste Treatment Lagoon$559,548
130Sinkhole Treatment$526,068
131Riparian Herbaceous Cover $487,616
132Grazing Management Plan - Written$474,073
133Deep Tillage$471,832
134Sediment Basin$453,685
135Waste Recycling$445,645
136Erroneous Underpayment$393,775
137Fueling Facility- Above Ground Storage$384,916
138Livestock Confinement Facility$352,776
139Wetland Enhancement$347,787
140IPM Herbicide Resistance Weed Conservation Plan - Written$336,613
141Pollinator Habitat Plan - Written$314,131
142Vegetative Barrier $294,142
143Surface Drain- Main or Lateral$284,443
144Filter Strip $254,237
145Surface Drain- Field Ditch$251,254
146Denitrifying Bioreactor$246,001
147Fish and Wildlife Habitat Plan - Written$240,106
148Road/Trail/Landing Closure and Treatment$235,952
149Controlled Traffic Farming$229,175
150Pond Sealing or Lining- Soil Dispersant$228,991
151Drainage Water Management$226,465
152Aquaculture Pond$216,878
153Irrigation Water Conveyance - High Pressure Underground Plastic$197,397
155IWC Ditch Lining- Plain Concrete$161,326
156Stormwater Runoff Control$160,219
157Reduced Water and Energy Coffee Conveyance System$151,641
158Constructed Wetland$150,272
159Drainage Ditch Covering$150,005
160Pond Sealing or Lining- Soil Cement$136,302
161Pond Sealing or Lining- Bentonite Sealant$127,734
162Field Operations Emissions Reduction$119,755
163Judicial or NAD Payment$115,704
164Drainage Water Management Plan - Written$109,344
165Prescribed Burning Plan - Written$108,553
166Mine Shaft and Adit Closing$94,038
167Groundwater Testing$91,750
168Hillside Ditch$85,764
169Irrigation Field Ditch$79,032
170Fish and Wildlife Structure$68,983
171Individual Terrace$65,855
172Denitrifying Bioreactor$61,843
173Monitoring and Evaluation$61,311
174Agricultural Secondary Containment Facility$57,673
175Feed Management $54,100
176Residue Management- Seasonal$45,353
177Agricultural Energy Management Plan-Headquarters (AgEMP)$40,965
178Irrigation Canal or Lateral$38,908
179Livestock Shade Structure$38,082
180Alley Cropping $36,178
181Contour Buffer Strips $31,686
182Control Traffic Farming$29,308
183Saturated Buffer$24,888
184Precision Pest Control Application $21,363
185Fishpond Management$20,378
186Residue and Tillage Management - Ridge Till$15,046
187Stripcropping $13,946
188Vertical Drain$12,731
189Agricultural Energy Management Plan-Landscape (AgEMP)$12,401
190Contour Farming$11,382
191Contour Orchard and Other Perennial Crops$11,262
192Irrigation Water Conveyance - Canal Lining$9,435
193Anionic Polyacrylamide (PAM) Application$8,767
194Dust Control on Unpaved Roads and Surfaces$7,530
195Trails and Walkways$6,781
196Dry Hydrant$5,247
197Channel Bank Vegetation$3,221
198Irrigation Water Conveyance - Low Pressure Underground Plastic$3,078
199Herbaceous Wind Barriers $2,193
200Row Arrangement$1,526
201Vegetated Subsurface Drain Outlet$1,232
202Infiltration Ditches$1,076
203Herbaceous Weed Control$923
204Well Plugging$259
205Water Well Disinfection$216
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 Total Payments, 2017-20225,540,768,921

NRCS 2024 climate smart practice.
NRCS 2024 provisional climate smart practice.

NCRS climate smart practices on EQIP acres, 2017-2022, the United States

1Cover Crop $504,812,892
2Brush Management $314,991,152
3Sprinkler System $313,561,007
4Waste Storage Facility $252,142,865
5Irrigation Pipeline $230,101,825
6Roofs and Covers $228,568,531
7Irrigation System- Microirrigation $175,194,972
8Forest Stand Improvement $159,735,684
9Forage and Biomass Planting $139,812,458
10Combustion System Improvement $127,321,059
11Tree & Shrub Establishment $118,064,737
12Pumping Plant $114,617,827
13Nutrient Management $81,586,438
14Prescribed Grazing $77,459,321
15Range Planting $60,883,284
16Energy Efficient Agricultural Operation $58,300,881
17Woody Residue Treatment $56,021,803
18Herbaceous Weed Treatment $51,465,500
19Conservation Crop Rotation $49,543,213
20Energy Efficient Building Envelope $44,563,115
21Irrigation Water Management $38,406,423
22Prescribed Burning $38,056,513
23Residue & Tillage Management-No Till/Strip Till (Ac.) $37,016,498
24Conservation Cover $34,892,188
25Res. & Tillage Mgt- Mulch-till $28,131,937
26Mulching $25,700,071
27Grassed Waterway $24,548,815
28Restoration of Rare or Declining Natural Communities $13,121,110
29Energy Efficient Lighting System $11,519,095
30Critical Area Planting $11,506,081
31Solid/Liquid Waste Separation Facility $10,042,322
32Wildlife Habitat Planting $7,714,492
33Fuel Break $7,127,314
34Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment $6,594,078
35Anaerobic Digester $5,007,524
36Riparian Forest Buffer $3,134,663
37Composting Facility $2,464,528
38Hedgerow Planting $2,165,644
39Wetland Restoration $2,003,904
40Silvopasture $1,830,957
41Field Border $1,773,821
42Forest Farming $592,171
43Riparian Herbaceous Cover $487,616
44Vegetative Barrier $294,142
45Filter Strip $254,237
46Feed Management $54,100
47Alley Cropping $36,178
48Contour Buffer Strips $31,686
49Stripcropping $13,946
50Herbaceous Wind Barriers $2,193
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 Total Climate Smart EQIP payments, 2017-2022$3,473,272,812
 Climate Smart EQIP payments, 2017-2022 $1,343,497,849
 Provisional Climate Smart EQIP payments, 2017-2022 $2,129,774,963

NRCS 2024 climate smart practice.
NRCS 2024 provisional climate smart practice.

EQIP payments by state, 2017-2021

RankStateEQIP Payments, 2017-2022
15South Carolina$117,435,912
17New Mexico$112,818,976
23North Carolina$105,226,546
28North Dakota$84,414,606
31South Dakota$76,141,377
37New York$60,220,208
41Puerto Rico$39,919,434
42West Virginia$38,071,195
47New Hampshire$16,926,244
48New Jersey$16,686,161
51Rhode Island$8,625,266
52Northern Mariana Islands$843,791
53American Samoa$330,610
54Virgin Islands of the U.S$225,768
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USDA Census of Agriculture Data for the United States, 2022

Land in the United States, 2022

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:1,900,487
Total Acres in Farms:880,100,848
Cropland Acres:382,356,350
Permanent pasture and rangeland:392,981,662
Woodland Acres:72,066,694

Livestock in the United States, 2022

LivestockNumber of Animals
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold9,176,809,391
Layers inventory 388,509,039
Cattle and calves inventory87,954,742
Hogs and pigs inventory73,817,751
Sheep and lambs inventory5,104,328

Crops in the United States, 2022


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