Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) in Massachusetts

CRP payments by fiscal year in Massachusetts

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CRP Acreage in Massachusetts

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CRP by Practice in Massachusetts, 2014

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CRP acreage in Massachusetts, 2014

1Franklin County, Massachusetts10


USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Massachusetts, 2012

Land in Massachusetts, 2012

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:7,755
Total Acres in Farms:523,517
Cropland Acres:160,789
Permanent pasture and rangeland:62,234
Woodland Acres:209,111
Farmsteads, homes, buildings, facilities, ponds, roads, wasteland, etc. Acres:91,383

Livestock in Massachusetts, 2012

LivestockNumber of Animals
Layers inventory 153,925
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold80,913
Cattle and calves inventory35,703
Sheep and lambs inventory12,504
Hogs and pigs inventory11,151

Crops in Massachusetts, 2012


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