Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) in Massachusetts

CSP payments by fiscal year in Massachusetts

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CSP by Sign-up in Massachusetts

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CSP payments by land use and fiscal year in Massachusetts

  • Cropland
  • Rangeland
  • Pasture
  • Forestland
  • Pastured Cropland

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CSP payments by existing or additional practices in Massachusetts

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CSP payments by contract size in Massachusetts

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Most commonly used enhancement practices for CSP contracts in Massachusetts

RankEnhancementNumber of Contracts
1Riparian forest buffer, terrestrial and aquatic wildlife habitat7
2Forest stand improvement for habitat and soil quality4
3Recycle 100% of farm lubricants4
4Forest Wildlife Structures3
5Managing livestock access to water bodies/courses3
6Locally grown and marketed farm products3
7Establish pollinator habitat2
8Use of legume cover crops as a nitrogen source2
9Monitor key grazing areas to improve grazing management2
10Land application of only treated manure2
11Harvest hay in a manner that allows wildlife to flush and escape2
12Apply split applications of nitrogen based on a pre-sidedress nitrogen test on cropland1
13Plant an annual grass-type cover crop that will scavenge residual nitrogen1
14Reduce the concentration of nutrients on livestock farms1
15Defer crop production on temporary and seasonal wetlands1
16Integrated Pest Management for Organic Farming.1
17On Farm Composting of Farm Organic Waste1
18Split nitrogen applications 50% after crop/pasture emergence/green up1
19Apply controlled release nitrogen fertilizer1
20Restoration and Management of Rare or Declining Habitats1

CSP contracts by Practice Suite in Massachusetts

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CSP acreage by land use in Massachusetts

  • Cropland
  • Rangeland
  • Pasture
  • Forestland
  • Pastured Cropland

CSP Resource Concerns in Massachusetts

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CSP payments by county in Massachusetts, 2011-2014

1Berkshire County, Massachusetts$108,836
2Essex County, Massachusetts$66,280
3Worcester County, Massachusetts$61,708
4Hampshire County, Massachusetts$8,247
5Franklin County, Massachusetts$3,723
6Barnstable County, Massachusetts$3,381
7Hampden County, Massachusetts$3,027


USDA Census of Agriculture Data for Massachusetts, 2012

Land in Massachusetts, 2012

Land typeAcres
Number of Farms:7,755
Total Acres in Farms:523,517
Cropland Acres:160,789
Permanent pasture and rangeland:62,234
Woodland Acres:209,111
Farmsteads, homes, buildings, facilities, ponds, roads, wasteland, etc. Acres:91,383

Livestock in Massachusetts, 2012

LivestockNumber of Animals
Layers inventory 153,925
Broilers and other meat-type chickens sold80,913
Cattle and calves inventory35,703
Sheep and lambs inventory12,504
Hogs and pigs inventory11,151

Crops in Massachusetts, 2012


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